Top Ten Safety Tips While Doing Fire Restorations Of Your Home

by Editor on June 22, 2013

End of an Historic Home

Fire wreaks havoc and after a fire, your house will be decimated and you and your family will be devastated. It is a heartbreaking moment knowing that you have lost some of the most cherished and treasured possessions. Though a fire is a disastrous event; knowing what to do and where to commence after a fire can lessen the burden of restoration. We are going to discuss top ten safety tips while doing fire restorations of your home in this article.

Don’t Get into the House Immediately

After a fire, the walls as well as the ceiling of the house are usually weakened and thus can be very dangerous to enter the house immediately after the fire has been extinguished. You should not enter the house until you get a go ahead from restoration professionals or emergency responders. Walls, roofs and floors may not be as safe as you perceive them and it is therefore of paramount importance to get directions from the professionals. This will ensure that you enter the house only when it is safe to do so.

Dry the House

Because water is used to extinguish fire, the whole house will be soaked with water. You should dry this water since it is susceptible to mold growth if it remains stagnant. After draining the water in the affected area, remove anything in the house that is soaked with water ranging from clothes to beddings to avoid mold growth.

Don’t Switch On Utility Services

If utility services (gas, water and electricity) have been switched off by professionals from the fire department, you should not for any reason switch them on. This is because if they are safe to use then the fire restoration professionals will turn them on but if not they will disconnect them for safety purposes. To stay safe therefore you should look for other alternatives in regard to lighting and water supply until the issue is fixed.

Do not Eat or Drink from the affected area

Soot that is left behind after a fire contains substances that can affect your health adversely. Therefore, you should not drink or eat anything that has come into contact with the smoke. Ensure that you clean your dishes thoroughly before using them to avoid suffering from serious health complications as a result of soot.

Treat the Furniture and Furnishings

Even when the fire has been extinguished, the smoke continues to be absorbed by the furniture and furnishings in the house. As a safety measure, treat these furniture and furnishings with specialized chemicals before you and your family can use them.

Repair the Floor

Ensure that the floor is repaired as soon as possible since it poses a great danger if it remains unattended to for long. Get the advice of a professional whether it can be repaired or you will have to replace it entirely. Remember even if it looks fine from the outside you may never know whether that is the same position on the inside. Let a professional evaluate the position of the floor so that he can advice you on the best action to take.

Salvage Important Documents

After getting the green light to enter into the house, it is critical that you salvage all the important documents such as passports, identification cards, birth certificates and other significant documents that you may be having. Do not just dispose things without analyzing keenly since you might be throwing important documents that can be of great use.

Keep Away From Damaged Items

If you have an insurance cover, you cannot trash the destroyed items before the assessment of the same by the insurance company. This is to ensure that you get the compensation of items damaged. Even though this is the case, you should put them in one location and ensure that they are well kept so that they will not cause harm to the people in the compound.

Contact the Insurance Company

If you have an insurance cover for your home, after a fire it is important that you contact them so that they can fix the damages as soon as possible. Call them to access the situation and provide all the necessary documents so that your issue can be given the attention it deserves. They should facilitate the repairs of the damaged items as well as replacement of the things that have been spoilt beyond repair.

Get Professional Guidance

Fire restoration professionals can be of great help to you since they will advise you on the necessary actions to take. These professionals will guide you through the whole restoration process. They also ensure that your home is protected from suffering further damage.

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