Top Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

by Editor on September 12, 2013

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Swimming pools are an excellent addition to any home’s backyard space. They are a great source of exercise and entertainment for family and friends. While pools are fun-filled, they are also a large investment and responsibility. To keep your pool in the best shape possible, it is necessary that you clean and maintain your pool efficiently and consistently. Here are the top swimming pool cleaning and maintenance tips to ensure that your home pool is enjoyed for many, many years to come.

First, be sure to use a good old-fashioned long handled net. You can purchase a net at any pool supply store or through an online distributor. A net can allow you to clear debris away from the surface of your pool, even in the most hard to reach places. This will help you to eliminate build up and debris in your pool such as leaves, pollen or even bugs and small animals like frogs that can contaminate your water and cause you to have to use more expensive chemicals to balance the water in your pool.

Next, clear the skimmers at least once a day. Just like skimming with a net, these skimmers will be able to collect debris and objects throughout the day, even when you cannot manually collect items. It is important that you clear them as soon as possible to improve the water quality. When cleaning them, dump out any debris and be sure to hose them down so that they are completely clean and to avoid them clogging over time.

While people often focus on the cleanliness of the water, they tend to neglect other aspects of the pool. The pool liner can become very dirty over time as well. This especially happens when sunscreens, lotions or oils come off of the skin and enter the water. They then adhere to the liner and can wear the liner down rapidly. To reduce wear and improve the cleanliness of your liner, be sure to use a vinyl liner cleaner at your pool supply store.

In addition, you will want to use an algaecide in your pool. This should be added to the water right away when you open your pool for the season to help prevent algae from growing in your pool’s water. Buy a three month supply for best results and for the best deal, since buying individual, one month supply bottles is much more expensive.

Finally, keep the perimeter of your pool as clear as possible. This will reduce the buildup of debris in your skimmers and will reduce how often you have to spend time manually skimming the pool with a net. Use a broom to sweep away leaves and other objects on a regular basis to reduce the time you will need to spend maintaining your pool. Plus, a clear pool deck looks much nicer and appears more tidy and neat!

Whether you have a full, Olympic sized pool or a SwimEX exercise pool, you will be able to utilize these pool maintenance tips for wonderful results. Keeping your pool in top shape is essential to enjoying many years of pool entertainment with minimal repair or replacement costs.

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