Top Home Shows You Don’t Want To Miss

by Editor on June 3, 2013


When it comes to finding inspiration for your home where do you go? Magazines are great for finding the latest styles, there are hundreds of websites dedicated to interior design and throughout the year there are a number of home shows located around the UK which are all perfect for finding new ideas and products. Many however favour the TV shows which are packed with DIY solutions, decorating tips and which provide you with inspiration for your own home.

Of the many TV home shows these are the few that you really must not miss.

Kirstie’s Vintage Home

This is a fantastic show which couples inspiration with a guide to basically do it yourself. From making your own bedspreads which are personal to your family to creating stained glass ornaments, Kirstie Allsopp and her team of experts are perfectly placed to help. When the next season will air is uncertain at the moment however it is possible to view past episodes online. This show is usually aired on Channel 4 (see 4OD online).


The first episode of this entertaining show went out in October 1999 and is still going strong. Nick Knowles and his team of electricians, designers, wood work experts and plasterers, all of whom having colourful personalities and a great number of skills makeover the homes of chosen viewers. Not only is the show great fun it watch it provides inspiration for style and practical functions which may be used in your own renovations. DIY SOS is frequently found on the Home channel on Sky yet re-runs of previous seasons are all over.

Escape to the Country

If you are looking for period features, and crave the country look, whether it is traditional or sympathetically renovated ,then this show is for you. Chosen participants are taken around a number of properties while looking for the perfect one for them. This type of voyeuristic viewing makes for great entertainment and again helps you with ideas and features that you might wish to integrate into your own home. Found frequently on the BBC channels and the Home channels, this long running show is very popular.

Location, Location, Location

This show runs very much along the same lines as Escape to the Country however it also includes more urban properties and not just rural areas. The banter between Kirstie and Phil the presenters mixed with advice on choosing a home appropriate for your needs and the opportunity to take a sneaky peek into a number of properties each time is what again makes this show a must-watch.

60 Minute Makeover

Currently airing at 2pm during the week on ITV this is a great show for seeing how a home may be completely transformed without having to knock down falls and move doors. Designers use new paint and wallpaper, soft furnishings, furniture and decorative items to change the way a room or selection of rooms looks in just under sixty minutes. Without teams of painters and decorators, carpenters and designers it might take everyone else more than sixty minutes however this show is definitely one to watch.

Nick Knowles’ Original Features

Mr Knowles is back again and this time he is helping homeowners to restore their own properties to their former glory and create historical and cultural replicas of times gone by. From restoring wooden flooring to unearthing original features this is the perfect show for those who have an interest in period features or who are looking how to sympathetically renovate their homes. This is a fairly new show yet already seems to have gained quite a following. Nick Knowles’ Original Features airs on a weeknight on the Home channel.

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