Top Five Fast Growing Plants

by Editor on June 13, 2013

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During the winter months, many people fantasize about starting a garden. In their heads, they design and plant the perfect plot. But once the warm weather actually shows up, it can be easy to get caught up in more immediate pleasures and never actually get around to making this fantasy garden a reality. Gardening takes time – both the preparation and the growing. But here are some great fast-growing plant ideas for those who have procrastinated their way into a bind!

Five Great Fast Growing Plants

  • Heavenly Bamboo: Despite its name, this plant isn’t actually bamboo – it’s actually a type of evergreen shrub. But heavenly bamboo is named after bamboo due to its similar ability to grow in a hurry. A heavenly bamboo plant can grow up to seven or eight feet in height. Its leaves will start out bright pink or red, become green, and then turn purple or red before falling off.
  • Calendula: This member of the daisy family is also known as the pot marigold. Calendulas grow quickly and don’t require much maintenance. They may reach a height of 30 inches. When in bloom, calendulas will display flowers that can vary in color from white, to yellow, to bright orange.
  • Sunflower: Many know the sunflower strictly because of its tasty brown seeds. But the sunflower itself is just as well worthy of attention, especially for would-be gardeners. The sunflower can quickly grow up to 11 feet tall. The sunflower sports iconic yellow petals when in bloom. We humans aren’t the only ones who like sunflower seeds either – sunflowers will draw in birds and other wildlife that is interested in eating their seeds.
  • Spider Plant: For clarification, the spider plant resembles a spider a bit, but will not attract spiders. With long green-and-white striped leaves, this member of the lily family is easy to take care of and grows quickly. In addition, spider plants thrive in planters. This is particularly nifty. If it becomes too late in the season to get started on an actual garden, spider plants and other planter-based options strewn on a deck can give off a similar vibe.
  • Knock Out Rose: The knock out rose is a great choice for those looking for the classy feel of a rose garden without all of the attendant pruning. Knock out roses are hearty and fast growers. They’re also quite resistant to the threat of cold weather. Knock out roses are available in a variety of colors. Even better, they bloom roughly every five weeks. That means that even gardeners who have gotten a late start will be able to see them bloom a couple times before the fall!

Houseplants are an Alternative

Even if the planting season has passed entirely, there are a whole range of houseplants which can be kept indoors and still brighten a house. Although houseplants won’t necessarily provide the same green thumb satisfaction as their outdoor counterparts, they’re usually easy to take care of. Alternatively, buy flowers locally, clip them and place them in a vase – if they’re fresh, they may last a week or more!


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