Top Features To Look For When Picking A Home Safe

by Admin on May 22, 2013

SafeEverybody has different needs when it comes to a home safe. Those needs will determine which type of safe you will get. Some people buy safes to put their most precious belongings they don’t want damaged, others are looking for a secure place to put their firearms. No matter what your needs are, there are certain features that are necessary for both.

Choosing a safe

Even slight changes in size to a safe can vary drastically in price. Choose a safe that will fit your needs, but not be ridiculously oversized. There are so many different sizes of safes, from small handgun vault that can be kept in a car or in a nightstand, to floor to ceiling full size safes. Assess what you are trying to keep safe before purchasing your vault.

Size isn’t the only important variable to look at. There are many different safety features and other factors that influence which type of safe you should purchase.


The number one thing to look for in a safe is how secure it will keep your items. This is the main purpose of the safe. Don’t sacrifice the look or any other features if security is not in the best shape.

Active locking bolts can add more security to your vault. Sizes usually are 1 to 1.5 inches. If you are concerned with a break-in, or wandering hands in your own home, add this security feature to your safe.

There are many different ways a safe can lock, such as number pads, biotechnology keypads, and extra clasps. One of the newest and safest ways is with the biotechnology keypad feature. Your fingerprint opens the door to your safe. It will keep your belongings protected; yet make it even easier to get in fast.

Safes are often looked at as a way to keep people out, but they can also be used to keep out the destructive natural forces. Fires are too common in many homes. No matter what you are using your safe for, it is a good idea to invest in one that is fireproof. This will add extra protection you won’t regret when disaster strikes.

Added features

Of course safety is important, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also look into some of the features that make owning a safe more convenient. The first of these is lighting, inside the safe, and on the keypad. No matter the circumstances, this will make locating your items much easier.

Depending on what you are putting inside your safe, it is a good idea to have a dehumidifier rod to keep your belongings protected from damage. Investing in home safes with power outlet options is the best way to plan for anything. No matter what you are putting inside, this is a great feature to have.

Everybody buys a gun safe for a different reason. Make sure that no matter your reasoning, you have the best features available. Do your research and figure out what meets your needs the best. It will be an investment you will be glad you made.

By +Cassie Costner

Cassie writes about gun safety, and how to get the most out of a gun safe. She also writes about the advantage of having a gun safe even if you don’t own a firearm.

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