Top 8 Winter Garden Essentials

by Editor on September 12, 2013

Solar Light

Once the summer is behind us, most people make the mistake of completely neglecting their garden through the winter. However, by investing in a few key essentials, your garden can remain an enjoyable place to be, even in the colder months.

Here are the top 8 winter garden essentials…

1.       Solar Lights

During the transition from summer to autumn, you will often find that the cooler evenings are pleasant to sit outside in. Don’t let the darker nights stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Invest in a set of solar lights to keep your garden illuminated.

2.       Patio Heater

Winter chills can make it difficult to enjoy your garden without icing over or getting frostbite. Combat this by investing in a patio heater. Place the heater near the seating area in your garden and have the best of both worlds, being toasty warm and outside.

3.       Garden Furniture

Believe it or not, the winter is actually the best time to purchase your garden furniture. Many stores are currently running end of season sales, so you’ll be able to find a vast selection of cheap garden furniture. This will not only be useful this year, but also save you money next summer.

4.       Chiminea

If you love the feeling of sitting around a campfire on your camping holidays, you should buy a chiminea for your garden. The specially designed outdoor fireplace will bring back all of the magic of your camping trip, from toasting marshmallows to telling ghost stories. Plus, the heat will keep you feeling snug on those cold winter nights.

5.       Lanterns

While solar lights may provide light for the main part of your garden, a selection of table and hanging lanterns will create more intimate lighting that will set the mood for your winter garden party. They’ll also stop the candle wax from ruining your patio sets.

6.       Plants

The flowers you planted in the summer may have sadly died off, but don’t give up on your garden’s greenery completely. Plant some all-weather plants, like cordylines or yuccas, to keep your garden flourishing even in the coldest climes. When the summer comes around, they will complement your summer flowers too.

7.       Bird feeder

If temperatures drop to the point where your garden’s soil freezes, it can be difficult for birds to find their food. Install a bird feeder in your garden and regularly place specially designed bird feed in it to keep the local wildlife happy. High quality bird feed is available from Hayes Garden World.

8.       Protective covers

Harsh weather conditions can seriously damage your garden essentials. Leaving your barbeque out during heavy snow can cause it to rust, rendering it completely useless. You can get specially designed covers for barbeques and garden furniture that will protect them against the elements.

photo by: mikecogh

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