Top 6 Uses For A Conservatory

by Editor on May 1, 2013

Conservatories do not have to be the preserve of the elderly or merely a place to relax and admire your garden. These comparatively simple additions to your home provide valuable extra space at reasonable cost which can really enhance your lifestyle. A conservatory should used every day rather than becoming a sunny outpost that you never have the time to enjoy and could provide one of these useful facilities in your home:

Dining Area

Many small houses do not come equipped with a defined dining area which often leads to dining tables being squeezed into the living room or the residents having to eat with their food on their laps. Extending the house can be very expensive but a conservatory makes a light and airy dining room with a view. When installing the conservatory be sure to shade the windows or include air conditioning as the expanse of glass in the sides and roof can cause the area to become very hot in the summer months.


If you are frustrated with the kids’ toys taking over your life and cluttering up the main part of the house consider making the conservatory a kids’ zone. Install some storage for the toys and throw in some beanbags and you have the ideal defined area for the children to play in, leaving the rest of the property free from disruption and chaos.

Home Office

These days many people work partly or wholly from home, but many properties do not have enough room for the inclusion of an office. With adequate heating and cooling a conservatory makes a beautiful work space where you will not feel isolated and which can be shut away at the end of the day. If you work from home you need a clearly defined workspace which you can leave behind to enjoy your leisure time.

Hobby Room

If someone in your household practises a home based hobby then there is a fair chance that it has started to take over the house. Dress makers, model builders and artists all require space to work and somewhere to keep their equipment and, of course, the fruits of their labour. A conservatory could be just the place to banish the hobbyist to and then you can claim back the rest of the house for yourself.


Many people are avid collectors and the items they accumulate need to be displayed somewhere. If an enormous volume of dolls, rocks and minerals, toy cars or ornaments has taken over your home then a museum just for the collection can easily be established in a conservatory where the natural light can show off the pieces concerned to their best advantage.


Fitness equipment can be very bulky and if your house does not have a garage it is difficult to find a home for it where it does not become a major obstruction. A conservatory could definitely be the solution to the problem, keeping the clutter out of your living spaces whilst providing a great area to exercise in. No more peering around the multi-gym in order to see the television!


Conservatories give you a very flexible area in your home and can be whatever you need them to be. It could be that the manageable cost of this addition could save you from the need to lose a bedroom, build an extension or even move house.

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