Top 5 Tips for Warming Up a Drafty Room

by Editor on July 2, 2013

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Cold air can leak into your home from various locations. Rooms make have spaces letting air in from outside leading to drafts that cause you to use more energy to keep your home warm and comfortable. Here are 5 tips to help you reduce drafts in your cold room to keep the space toasty!

  1. Look for leaks in your windows. Often windows have gaps that will let in air from outside. To check for these, you can light an incense stick to see if the smoke seeps through spaces around the perimeter of the window. If you notice leaks, you can insulate the window with a film kit. This can be found at your local hardware store and will cover the window. You may also choose to caulk you perimeter of the window to seal all spaces. If you need immediate results and cannot make it to a hardware store just yet, you can even try rolling a towel or shirt and stuffing it against the space to see if the drafts are reduced.
  2. Another option for windows is to install double-paned windows. Especially in an older home, there is a high possibility that your windows have not been replaced in a long time, or they may not have been replaced at all in the past! Old windows waste energy and let cold air seep into your home constantly. While purchasing brand new windows is definitely an investment, it can be a large improvement from old, one-pane windows that are likely letting heat escape from your home. The money you spend to install the windows will likely be made up by the amount of money you will be able to save on your energy bill from conserving energy each money.
  3. You can also choose to buy energy efficient blinds or curtains that are insulated. These come in various styles and with great design features that can spruce up your living space while also being extremely functional. When sun is beating through the window, keep the blinds open so that the sun’s solar heat can warm up the room. Close these blinds or curtains after the sun no longer shines through to trap that warmth inside.
  4. Purchase a space heater. Space heaters are easy to move from room to room as needed and can provide you with the heat you need in a drafty, cold space. They come in fashionable, compact designs that will enhance the style of your home. Space heaters also allow you to only use energy when you need it, which may help you to save costs on your energy bill. You can heat one or a few rooms at a time instead of the whole house if unnecessary. You can choose from convection, ceramic, fan, radiant, oil-filled or various other types of space heaters. Look for one that best suits your needs and your budget as a homeowner.
  5. Place a rug or carpet on your floor. This is especially effective if you have wood, tile or stone floors, which stay cold for extended periods of time and can result in heat loss. Rugs and carpets will trap heat and also prevent warmth from escaping through the floors. Rugs and carpets can easily ad character and style to your room providing a stylish look and practicality. Rugs are also more comfortable to walk around on since they are cozier on the soles of your feet!

Drafty rooms are uncomfortable and wasteful. However you can utilize these tips to easily and effectively reduce drafts and increase the temperature in your cold room. Be sure to seal any leaks around windows or use a towel to keep warm air from escaping. You can also choose to install energy efficient curtains or blinds, buy a space heater, place a rug on the floor or even installed double-pane windows. All of these options will keep drafts out, allow your heater to work at high efficiency, and keep you nice and warm!

photo by: Steve Burt

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