Top 5 Tips For Picking A Home Floor Plan

by Editor on May 29, 2013

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Your home’s layout is probably among the most significant picks you will ever make concerning your home. Despite if you stay in a condominium, a house or an apartment, the rooms’ layout and the manner in which they flow largely depends on your lifestyle. Choosing a perfect home floor plan is very important but can be stressful. Here is a look at top 5 tips for picking a home floor plan.

1. Choose a House Floor Plan That Goes Well With Your Lifestyle
Although it is a good idea to go for the open home floor plan, there are several things that should be considered regardless of openness. Factors like layout of various rooms with consideration of ages of children and size of the family is essential. Most families that have young children like having private areas of the house, bathrooms and bedrooms, grouped in a single area of the house. Alternatively, families with young adults and teenagers prefer having bedrooms separated from one another.

If you are house hunting, these are essential factors to consider when choosing a house to move into. Evaluate your existing home floor plan and determine its pros and cons. You might like it, or prefer trying a different one.

2. Determine If You Entertain Frequently or Rarely
Most home floor designs are centered on welcoming and entertaining guests once they get into the house. A broad foyer opening into open floor plan dining and living room and winding to the outdoors could be ideal for guests visiting. However, if your family and you want more privacy and do not want your full house displayed every time one opens the front door, you might choose a formal living room bordering the front door. This allows guests a place to directly sit and feel comfy while the rest of your home is left private.

3. Determine If You Want a Single Story or a Two Storey
Most families go for the single story homes as they are quitter, with no noise from overhead traffic. Some single story homes group all public rooms at the center while bathrooms and bedrooms are positioned on the floor plan’s ‘wings’. Two storey homes are beneficial in that they give every member of the family their own room and space to have privacy over the single story floor designs.

4. Decide If Certain Functions of Your House Require Special Accessibility

You have to consider this factor when selecting a floor plan whether you have children needing extra broad hallways to run around or a live-in family member requiring extra space to manoeuvre. Older homes mostly have narrower doorways, hallways and frequently door head heights. Remember, you have an option to renovate or alter non load bearing all positions in the future.

5. Consider the Amount of Outdoor Living You Would Wish To Have
Most likely, your home floor plan will include an open-air leisure area, whether that will be a lanai, swimming pool, porch or other facilities. When picking a floor plan, it is important to assess how much these outdoor amenities will be used by your family. Similar to a big yard, it looks attractive when you maintain it, but can look awful if you do not. Make sure you are ready for the added responsibility of maintaining the outdoor plan together with the indoors.

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