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by Editor on August 17, 2013

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Home buying preferences and building features have changed significantly over the past several years, as they tend to do every couple of decades, so that new homebuyers are now seeking out features that were relatively unheard of when their parents were purchasing a first home. Savvy buyers these days want second-floor laundry rooms, open concept main floors, and double sinks in the master bath (not to mention master en suites, just for starters). These were not things that the previous generation looked for in property purchases, but homes that don’t have them today are not going to fetch the best price or interest the most buyers. However, you may not only be looking for the trends of today – you might be more interested in the features that will attract home buyers in the future. Here are some that you should think about if you’re starting to look for your own first house.

  1. Eco-amenities. The popularity of solar panels has been on the rise, especially with purchase plans that alleviate homeowners of the burden of shelling out major money up front. But in the future, homes that feature a broader range of eco-features are going to be in high demand. If you’re interested in finding a home that can offer net-zero energy through solar, wind, and water power, a geo-exchange, locally-sourced materials, and more, there are already homes being built with these features for the benefit of buyers that are clamoring for the eco-friendly features that can help them to save the planet and some money.
  2. Smart home features. Getting connected is important to most adults these days, and with smart home features you can use your mobile devices to control all kinds of household electronics. Not only can they act as your TV remote, but you can now use them to turn your alarm system on and off, adjust your thermostat, and even control lights and electronic devices from work or anywhere else you happen to be via your smartphone or tablet. In the future you may even be able to open doors and windows, turn off the oven, and more. Heck, your whole house could soon be computerized, voice operated, and connected to the internet.
  3. Spa bathrooms. Many homeowners are already starting to seek out spa-like features in their bathrooms, but this trend is likely to continue in the future. With long work hours and busy lives keeping most adults from getting the vacays and R&R they need, having Jacuzzi tubs and saunas at home may be their only respite from the madding crowd.
  4. Concrete. Houses of old relied on concrete only for patios and swimming pools, but these days you can start with a framework of insulated concrete forms and end with finishing touches like concrete flooring, countertops, and floor-to-ceiling showers stamped and dyed to look like materials as diverse as granite, marble, mosaic tile, and even leather. If you’re looking for housing materials that are impervious to mold, fire, pests, and more, concrete can provide you with an option that is green, affordable, and futuristic.
  5. Outdoor living spaces. Increasing square footage by creating indoor/outdoor rooms or even living spaces that are totally outside looks to be a big trend for the future. When homes have everything else, how better to add value than with an extra room that takes advantage of the benefits provided by the environment? Whether you’re looking at homes for sale in Charlotte or Chicago, these types of additions could just make you more inclined to buy.
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