Top 5 Country Cottage Interior Design Styles Of 2013

by Staff Editor on June 11, 2013

Country cottage design styles are very popular even in urban dwellings because of the warm, inviting feeling that those design styles tend to evoke. A cottage implies a small house, and country-style interiors are designed to make these small spaces cozy escapes. Although country cottage design styles differ by region, some common elements among this favored interior design genre include color, texture, and some hand-crafted collectibles. Here are some top examples of country cottage interior design styles that feature these time-honored elements.

Seaside Country Cottage

If one can imagine the moorish countryside of Cornwall prettily set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean or a small bungalow just steps from a Cape Cod beach, then one has the inspiration for seaside country cottage designs. The colors that are most often used in this type of interior design are pale and teal blues, whites, creams, and sometimes a splash of color for nautical nostalgia. The varied textures used in seaside cottage designs include a roughness reminiscent of the rocky cliffs of Cornwall’s coastline to the smooth, soft golden sands of Cape Cod. Interior designers often incorporate natural souvenirs from the beach into the décor in an effort to display textural elements and to bring the outdoors inside the home. Some examples of this are shells,starfish, and coral on display or used functionally throughout the home. Collectibles like antique brass bells and hand-crafted furnishings also tastefully accent these cozy harbors some happily call home.

Asian Country Cottage Designs

Right now the focus is on Asia economically and in many respects culturally as well. Everything from Asian inspired cuisine to holiday destinations are very much in demand by the international community. This curiosity and affinity for Asian culture influences customers’ interior design requirements and many designers’ preferences. Asian country cottage interior design colors tend to be muted earth tones like rich browns, taupes, greens, and some accents of floral inspired colors that relaxingly blend in with typical outdoor hues. Textures in these designs often include the hardness of polished stone, the delicate stems of plants, and the smoothness of wood.

European Country Cottage Designs

European country cottage interior designs are probably some of the best known country cottage styles, and people popularly choose these design ideas to match their tastes and surroundings. For example French country cottage interior design includes muted colors like pale yellows, blues, and white washed greens. Italian country cottage designs have similar colors but may also include some richer hues like burgundy and terra-cotta. A look that is becoming very popular because of design idea incubators like Ikea is Swedish country cottage interior design. In this interior design style, a variety of pastel shades are paired with furnishings featuring clean lines.

Morocco Country Cottage Design

Those looking for more exotic country cottage interior design options seek inspiration from romantic Morocco. Moroccan color schemes tend to be a rich blend of jewel tones, but the theme also takes on stark contrasts like brilliant whites and deep azure blues at times. Moroccan-styled furnishings often consist of soft, draped materials with glimmering sheen.

Country Chic Cottage Design

The country chic cottage interior design is more country club than shabby chic. Designers for this type of country cottage interior implement the same color schemes characteristic of European country cottages, but they focus on plush, luxury accents and furnishings. These designs still retain the warmth of country cottages but seem less personal because commercial items many times replace hand-crafted ones.


There are many options for those desiring to decorate using country cottage interior design ideas. Most people choose themes that match their outdoor environment while others seek to create a unique space that contrasts their natural surroundings.

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