Top 3 Tips for Burglar Proofing the Doors throughout Your Home

by Editor on November 8, 2013

Front Door with stained glass panels fitted

Home security is essential in any neighborhood. You should be secure and safe in your house at all times, whether you are home or away. There are many steps to you can take to deter burglars, but the most essential way to prevent burglaries is to start with the doors of your home. If a burglar cannot get in, they cant invade your home privacy. Here are the tip 3 tips for burglar proofing your doors throughout your home.

1.  Choose doors without windows. While doors with windows can allow natural light to sine into your home and have an aesthetic appeal, they can also potentially allow a burglar to enter your home. If the window is within an arm’s reach of your inside lock, it can be smashed through, allowing a burglar to unlock your door from the inside. If you are buying a ne door, choose one without windows. However, if you already have a glass door, or absolutely love a door style with glass, take some extra measures. Be sure that the glass I reinforced. You may also have the option to add metal reinforcements to the glass for added support. Finally, if it is up to code, you may choose to install a secondary door lock at the floor level where a burglar will not be able to reach.

2.  A sturdy door is essential to keep burglars out of your house. Make sure you buy a solid, kick-proof door for your home. Ideally, purchase a door that is solid wood or that have a solid wood core inside. You may also choose fiberglass or metal doors. If you choose metal,, make sure it IS securely and efficiently reinforced so that a burglar cannot open it with a car jack. Finally, the sturdiest door material option is a reinforced steel model, however this also comes with added maintenance since you will need to prevent rusting with time.

3.  One lock may not be enough. A door is only a strong as the lock that holds it shut. Therefore, installing a dead bolt lock is the best way to effectively lock your doors. This makes sure that the bolt rests deep into the doorframe so that a potential burglar cannot kick the lock in. When buying a deadbolt be sure to purchase the item from a quality company with a solid reputation. You will pay a bit more, but it will provide you with the peace of mind and security you are looking for as well as reliability. Some deadbolts can be secondary and are only accessed from the inside so no one can tamper with them outdoors. This is ideal for times when you are alone in a house and want to keep yourself safe without worrying about the quality of the locks on your door.

Taking precautionary measures to ensure that burglars cannot enter your home will make a huge difference in your home security quality. You can buy services such as bump my lock, or avoid hiding obviously placed spare keys under the door mat. However, while these steps help, a solid door is your first serious line of defense. Be sure to install a door that is solid and strong. Also, avoid glass doors or windows that may allow burglars to kick their way in and unlock doors. Finally, the added security of a deadbolt will strengthen your door’s locks and make sure that no one kicks the door in.

photo by: Ken Doerr

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