Top 10 Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets

by Editor on May 14, 2013

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Now then, I fully appreciate that one man’s treasure is another man’s trash, but I think we can agree that a large portion of the kitchen gadgets we have thrust at us these days are in fact useless. Items such as non-stick pans, microwaveable Tupperware and ceramic knives are all genius inventions of our modern times. However it seems that for every useful kitchen item there are at least 10 ‘time saving’ gadgets out there that have little or no use.

Here are some of the worst:

  • Avocado slicer – let’s be honest here, how many of us eat avocado on a regular enough basis to warrant having a tool purely for slicing it? I would imagine I could count them on one hand. The same goes for any ‘slicer’ used for only one food. What’s wrong with using a knife?!
  • Mushroom brush – although I’ve never seen one of these in someone’s home, I’ve seen them in shops, so presumably there is a market for such an item. Personally I’ve never bought mushrooms that are so dirty they need their own brush to clean them, but maybe I’m buying the wrong mushrooms.
  • Turkey baster – the butt of many a conception related joke and an entirely useless item. Turkey only gets eaten once a year and if you’ve got a dry turkey may I suggest using a spoon or ladle for the juices, rather than an item that takes up valuable cupboard space 364 days of the year.
  • Garlic press – I’ve never come across one that worked and didn’t take a good 10 minutes to clean. It really is much easier to use a knife to slice or crush your garlic gloves. Unless of course you have the only working garlic press in the world.
  • Pickle picker – “Ever found that a fork or spoon just won’t grab hold of those pesky pickles? Well you’re in luck, the pickle picker is here for all your pickle grabbing needs!” Said the chipper salesman to the gullible consumer…
  • Butter spreader – apparently it isn’t just forks and spoons that aren’t living up to our expectations, knifes aren’t either. The butter spreader would be ideal if you ate corn on the cob every day and had very specific butter spreading requirements. Unfortunately for the manufacturers, I wouldn’t imagine their customer base is that large.
  • Cupcake/ice lolly/quesadilla maker – for those of you that are completely deficient in the culinary department you can now get handy machines that will make tasty snacks every time you fancy them, and gather dust in your cupboard when you don’t.
  • Salad spinner – I’m afraid that if you can’t manage to use a spoon or salad servers to mix your salad then you really should step away from the kitchen.
  • Flavour injector – because marinating your food is just so tiring…
  • Apple peeler/corer/slicer – unless you’re dealing with apples on an industrial scale then I can hand on heart promise you that you don’t need this gadget.

If you’re in Southampton and you’re thinking about a new kitchen design then you’re probably going to want some shiny new tools to go in your shiny new kitchen. However, do a reality check before you part with your cash for any of these items!

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Rob Rudd has been known to occasionally purchase a few daft items for the kitchen including a pasta maker and a juicer. When he is not buying pointless items from expensive shops, he enjoys writing about gardening and DIY.

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