Tips When Changing Your Toilets Wax Ring

by Editor on May 8, 2013


Without a wax ring at the bottom of your toilet, your toilet can become loose and wobbly and even begin leaking and smelling up your entire bathroom. The wax ring is a necessity as it prevents odors from seeping through, water from leaking at the base, and stabilizes the toilet.

If you are remodeling your bathroom and changing your floor type, or just in need of a new wax ring, here are a few tips to keep in mind when changing the wax ring.


Removing your toilet and changing your wax ring can often be a messy job, and that’s why being prepared is important. Water can begin to leak and smell and your hands can become sticky. To be prepared, make sure you have a bucket, gloves, rags and some cleaning products ready.

You cannot remove the toilet unless you have the appropriate tools ready, such as screwdrivers and some pliers. The last thing you’ll need is caulking.

Drain Water

Removing the toilet will take some strength, especially if there is water still in the tank. This is one of the reasons it’s absolutely important to disregard all water. If the toilet is too heavy for you to manage and lift, it can accidentally slip out of your hands, costing you much more money and even potentially hurting yourself.

However, before removing the toilet, make sure you first turn off the water valve that supplies water to your toilet and is usually located near the toilet. Then, flush the toilet to make sure the water drains out of the toilet and the tank.

Remove Toilet

Once all the water is removed, there is a hose connected to your toilet and wall valve. Be sure to unscrew or detach the hose from your toilet and then continue removing the bolts and screws from the base of the toilet. Removing the toilet can be tough, especially if the old wax ring is still attached.

Be sure to get in a comfortable position to lift it and set it to the side. Make sure you have an old towel or rag of some kind that you will be placing the toilet on.

Installing A New Wax Ring

Removing the old wax ring would require the use of a chisel or flat screwdriver. You wouldn’t want to use your hands as the ring is very sticky, so wear gloves just in case. Once the old wax ring is removed, simply put the new one in its place. Put the toilet back and attach the hose and bolts.

Make sure the hose is properly attached before turning on the valve, because if it’s not, water will be spray everywhere and make a huge mess. You and now ready to caulk the gap around the toilet.

Now you are ready to caulk the gap between your toilet and floor. You can use either a white or clear caulking or even a grout caulking to match the grout color on your floor if you have tiled floors.

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