Tips to Saving (and Splurging!) When Designing Your Backyard Space

by Editor on November 4, 2013


If you want your backyard to be transformed into a beautiful paradise, now is the perfect time to start redesigning your home the way you want it. With temperatures getting colder, backyard use will be less likely, so any desired construction or renovations will be ideal during the upcoming months. Luckily, there are many extremely helpful things you can do that will enable you to save money on any desired modifications, as well as tips you can follow to make wise splurging decisions that will increase the value of your home.

Ways you can save when redesigning your backyard:

  • Research multiple companies in the area— Before committing to one landscaping or renovation company, be sure to research multiple different ones in your area so that you are guaranteed the best possible deals and prices. One company may be able to cut you a deal while others may overcharge for services rendered.
  • Know what exactly you are going to have done— It is important to plan out all potential renovations beforehand so that you will know the cost of things and won’t run out of funds mid-project. The more details you figure out before beginning any redesigning, the better.
  • Start saving ahead of time— The more amount of money that you save for any construction or renovations you are going to have done, the less financial effect it will have on your bank. If you start saving for projects ahead of time, it will not take as great a toll on funds spent and you will be able to splurge on your backyard even more.
  • Use patio furniture to transform a space—Who says you have to spend tons of money on landscaping and construction to design the perfect backyard space? With some new outdoor patio furniture, you can transform your space’s look and function. Just make sure you get high quality patio furniture built to withstand the elements, like the furnishings offered by

These few backyard renovation projects will greatly increase the value of your home and property:

  • Tranquil lighting— Landscape lighting not only adds a soothing effect to your outside area during the nighttime hours, but may even prevent potential robbers. The more lit up an area is, the less likely someone will be attempting something sneaky.
  • Creating easy to care for gardens— While installing extensive gardens and flower beds may look beautiful, they may actually not seem appealing to people depending on what plants you use and how many. More plants covering a larger area just means more upkeep and work. You’ll want to compliment your yard, but not overdue it so that appears too hard to manage.
  • Shade trees— Trees are the most timeless type of plant you can install in your yard. They provide your home with shade, which can potentially save you money on bill costs, and are almost indestructible as well. They look good in your yard and add the perfect amount of decoration. Even better, they require almost no maintenance whatsoever.

Keep in mind that you should avoid permanent additions like concrete patios and swimming pools because concrete can appear unappealing to people and can be hard to get rid of, while pools can be expensive to upkeep and maintain. Try to keep expensive and extensive decorations to a minimum and stick to simple additions like lighting, trees, and small, easy to care for plants.

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