Tips To Keep Your Doors Working Smoothly

by Editor on May 13, 2013


Doors are no doubt an integral part of a home. Aside from keeping the elements like snow, strong winds and rain at bay, they are also our first line of defense against unwanted visitors looking to break into our dwellings.

It really doesn’t matter if your doors are made from the finest materials. As long as they’re not given the care and attention that they need, you can easily expect to see them breaking down sooner or later. Whether your doors are produced from tough wood or steel, here are a few very important reminders to keep them working smoothly as possible for years to come:

Take on a more hands-on approach.

Maintaining doors in tiptop shape isn’t just about examining them visually. You also need to inspect them with your hands to feel if any parts are already becoming rather weak or getting too hard to move. Make sure you check for rust, cracks, holes and splintering not just on the door itself but also along the jambs and frames.

Keep in mind to note down whatever glitch you find like corroded hinges and rotted wood so you can easily have them fixed or replaced as soon as you can. Sure that minute crack on the door frame may not look significant but give or take a couple of months in that condition and you’ll easily have a gaping hole in your door that can be potentially used by criminals as an entry point.

Let experts do the complicated stuff.

While you can take care of the easier tasks like cleaning and polishing your doors, always remember to leave the more technical stuff to the professionals like setting up locks, replacing frames and jambs as well as fixing hinges to avoid ruining them inadvertently along the way.

Moreover, it’s a smart move to already have a dependable locksmith and other door-related professionals on your speed dial as early as now so you’ll immediately get access to the expert assistance that you will need when the situation calls for it. Your chances of paying more than you ought to or not getting the services that you need are relatively high if you just hire some random people to do the job.

Never let them get overexposed to water.

Excessive moisture is absolutely the biggest enemy of your doors. Leaving them waterlogged for very long periods of time won’t just lead to destructive rot and mold but also the untimely weakening of their whole structures as well. Sure you may think that keeping the elements out is one of the primary purposes of doors, but it’s your responsibility to get rid of the extra water to keep in them excellent condition.

You simply have to wipe them down with a soft cloth after a heavy rain so that the excess water will not collect on the surface and eventually get absorbed by the wood or whatever material your doors are made from. Don’t forget to swab the jambs and frames, including the hinges, too, to get as much coverage as possible.

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