Tips To Help Make Your Apartment Living More Secure

by Editor on June 10, 2013

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Not everyone wants to live in a house. Some people enjoy the freedom that an apartment brings. You can move locations with ease, which is great for those who wish to follow where the good jobs are. And while apartments are great for many reasons, they also have their downsides. Ground level apartments are often targets for theft and burglary because there are a ton of escape routes. Your car is also at risk when you park in your apartment parking. There are many things you can do to keep your apartment living more secure. Here are some tips to help you out.

Protect Your Car

Apartments are often targets for theft. Cars are easy targets. Often times apartments have parking lots full of cars, and are not always well lit. Do your part in keeping away those thieves and burglars. Are your windows not tinted? Consider investing in tinting your windows. Burglars want an easy theft, and more than anything a reward to take. Burglars are less likely to target your car if you have tint, since they cannot see if there is something of value in your car as easily.

Another thing you need to do is double-check to make sure you car is locked every time. Don’t risk a mistake and make it easy for burglars. Never leave anything of value in your car either! Take your mp3 player inside with you everyday. Don’t leave cash, tablets, or anything in sight. Keep the inside of you car clean and free of any temptations.

If your complex offers it, consider renting out a garage unit. Some will rent out garages for a monthly fee, and that can drastically reduce your chances of a car break in. It may cost you more money a month, but it has the advantage of hiding your car. It will also be good for those hot summer days. Your car will be protected for the heat and burglars. A win win for you!

Lock Up And Stay Hidden

When you live in an apartment, always keep your doors and windows locked. Never show off the goods in your home to anyone else. This means not talking about your brand new TV while you walk in the apartment. You never know who is listen. Keep your windows covered so that no one can look in. Buy some white drapes to cover the window. They will let light in, but keep peering eyes out.

Another thing you can do is install a wireless security system. I found a home security company that allows you to buy a system without drilling into the apartment walls. This means that you can get the alarm coverage that a stand alone home can get, but in your apartment. Years ago, it was almost impossible to get a security system in your apartment because of the landlord. Now you can get one that will come right off when you move out. Alarms are great to scare off intruders.

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