Tips To Come Up With A Home Removal Plan

by Editor on June 16, 2013

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Relocating from one house to another house is a hectic procedure. The complexity of this activity is directly related to the duration in which you have stayed in your current home and how often have you moved in the last decade or so. Even if you are constantly on the move and have ‘practice’, it is easier to admit that this is a major undertaking. There are a lot of reasons why relocating can be a hassle, like a bag of tangled ropes. All it takes to untangle this is some general tips that can go a long way in making your moving experience much better.

Removal Plan

The task you are about to do could be something as simple as buying a movie ticket or removing to a new home, there is always a need for a well thought plan. A good plan is one that covers all major ‘pain points’ and a bad plan leaves much of it on the drawing board. With the relocation, the major points of consideration are packing, manpower and vehicle.

If you have not thought of coming up with a plan at all and were probably hoping to just ‘wing it’, then we have to insist that you not think that way. A major reason for a lot of people not liking the whole moving thing is that they did not think ahead of what is in front of them. When you are not sure what to expect, let’s say, packing your furniture, obviously things are going to get worse. If you were to spend only a few minutes coming up with a relocation plan, it will include the steps in which you plan to pack your stuff, like holding a map while travelling in a new city. You spend less time confused and more time enjoying the city’s scenery.

Packing, Manpower And Vehicle

Once you begin to draw your plan, divide it into three sections – Packing, Manpower and Vehicle.

Starting with packing, you will need to take into account all the items that are in your home. If necessary, take a trip of your home, as if you are seeing your house for the first time, like some kind of a survey person. Spend time in each room and make notes about what each room contains. Once you have taken into account all the rooms, move outside and check out your garage, garden shed and any other outdoor stations that you may have in your home.

Then, you start jotting down which of these can be grouped together and how. This step is where you get the real feel of the kind of packaging material that you will need to pack everything. If you do this step properly, you will have a shopping list ready which clearly mentions what you should buy from the local hardware store to pack everything securely.

An example would be your collection of electronics like your television set, music system, large sized speakers and so on. When making the list, you will go ahead and check if you still have the boxes in which they came. If the boxes are not present, then you add so many sets of boxes to your shopping list.

Removal Day

Once your list is ready and you have brought all the things, start the packing activity at the earliest and do not put it off till the day of moving. We would actually recommend that you start packing at least a week in advance, so that when the packing day comes, you are already done.

In the run up to the moving day, you should have already contacted a man and van service to provide you with the vehicle and manpower assistance. Usually, it will be a good idea to let one of them come and see your home in person so that they can suggest the number of vehicles that you will need to move all your stuff from the current location to the new location.

One aspect of moving which you may have thought of is, how many people to hire to help you load and unload everything and any packing that you could not do yourself. Discuss this with the man and van service in advance so that if necessary, they can show up the day before, do all the remaining packing and have it ready when the vehicle arrives. The same goes to unpacking at the destination as well. Since this will involve a lot of interaction, hopefully you have chosen a man and van service that has experience dealing houses of your size.

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