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by Editor on April 24, 2013


Rustic styled homes is now a rage as more homeowners find excitement in decorating their houses with country furniture and decors. In part, this is due to the vintage revival that has swept the US in recent years, with other countries following suit. But it’s also down to a return to more traditional values when it comes to interior design.

Homeowners seem really keen on decorative products and items of furniture that are tasteful, show signs of being built to last and are manufactured using the skills of professional craftsmen using high quality materials. They also want to pick the best home design among the many varieties available today.

It helps that people seem very keen on making their domestic environments really homely at the moment. Is that because people are forced to spend more time at home given the widespread financial challenges being faced at the moment? Is it just a sign that people are tired with the perceived pretentions of very modern design? Whatever the reasons, the trends are clear: vintage and rustic styles or on the rise and home arguably look better for it!

So how can you introduce more rustic elements to give your home that simple, attractive, vintage look that contributes so well to the home environment? The following areas are good ones to target.


The most obvious way to make a modern home more attractive in a rustic sense is to get hold of rustic furniture. This way you are not obliged to make any changes to the structure of the home. It’s sensible to start with neutral walls and floors and then to fill the space with vintage features to alter the impression. Rustic furniture is available in various forms including window tinting. Reclaimed hardwood furniture is fantastic and vintage pieces often become available from dealers and second hand shops. However, there’s nothing wrong with finding new pieces designed to look ‘vintage’.


The inclusion of hardwoods and materials like iron and brass is a great tactic. If you look for vintage brass and iron handles, hooks, fixtures and fittings then you will take care of some of the finishing touches.


Your doors determine the style of your home. Again it’s possible to use hardwood doors to bring off a rustic effect. You can go even further with stable doors (including kitchen cupboard doors) and other varieties that have even greater vintage appeal.

Wall art

When you choose your wall art, you should concentrate on those pieces that uphold the rustic effect you are looking for, rather than negating it with pieces that are too modern – unless you are aiming for a fusion style where modern pieces find a home in a rustic setting. This is attractive, but takes more thought. Rustic wall art goes beyond the movie posters and ads of vintage wall art towards classical art prints, photography and even original art works if you know someone you can buy from. Pastoral scenes and traditional subjects work wonders.

Soft furnishings

Brand new rugs, cushions and window coverings are made with very traditional influences, so it’s actually very easy to soft furnishings that contribute to your attractively old-fashioned outlook.

About the Author

Paul Copper used old-fashioned pubs to inform the interior design of his home and found it possible to successfully use rustic elements like pastoral prints, reclaimed furniture and stable doors for houses.

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