Tips On Packing Fragile Items Before You Move

by Editor on May 3, 2013


It’s important that one is able to package their things properly when they’re moving to avoid them from breaking or getting damaged. This is especially true for fragile items like glass, porcelain, paintings, TV’s and many other types of items. When an individual takes the proper steps towards packaging their items, they’ll be able to ensure that their fragile items arrive to the destination without any damages. Additionally, these packing techniques can be applied to many other non-fragile items in a moving load to help ensure that the move goes safely.

Selecting the Packing Materials

One of the first things that one must do is to acquire the appropriate packing materials. Using the right packing materials is the difference between packing the fragile items correctly or not. The packaging itself is what provides the most protection to an item when it is moved. One should strive to look for and use durable cardboard boxes with corrugated interiors or dividers.

This ensures that the cardboard boxes will be durable and can even sustain being stacked upon one another. Another important aspect of packing materials that one should incorporate is bubble wrap and/or packing peanuts. These packing materials help to insulate fragile items from the effects of a moving environment.

This will help to cushion the fragile items from breaking or getting damaged. Lastly, it is important that one have the proper materials to seal the package correctly. This can include durable packing tape and a pair of good scissors that can cut the tape in straight cuts.

Packaging the Items Correctly

The next phase in packing and moving a fragile item the proper way is to pack the item correctly. First of all, the item can be put into a bubble wrap shipping bag or also wrapped in packing paper. Packing an item correctly means putting the item in the box so that it is supported on all sides of the box. This allows the items to stay secure instead of shifting and moving around the box.

After the fragile item has been packed into the box securely, the next step should be to fill in any gaps or spaces with packing peanuts or shredded paper. Adhering to these tips will ensure the item is completely secure from shifting and will guarantee the item is completely insulated well.

Moving the Packages Safely

The next and final step for moving packages correctly is to store them in the moving truck the right way and to drive correctly. If people are to just throw the packages in the back of a moving truck or their car, there is risk for damaging the items. This is also true if the driver drives rough and makes sharp turns as this can cause the items in the truck to violently shift from side to side or slam against the walls of the vehicle.

It’s a good technique to carry fragile items and load them into the moving truck or other vehicle as if they were a newborn baby. Taking care of packages in a gentle manner will also help ensure that they are not damaged throughout the move. Lastly, whoever the driver is of the fragile packages must drive slowly, and very carefully to avoid any major shifts in the move which could cause damages.

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