Tips On How To Inject Colour To Your Interiors

by Editor on November 6, 2013


–           Bold and lively colours are back in for 2013/14

–           The return of the pattern and print

–           Pink, cobalt blue, red and eggplant set to take the market by storm

Unique tips to maximise light and complement colour schemes, and identify multiple ways of how today you can bring life through the use of textures, colours and fabrics in the home.  

There is no specific rule to add colour to a room – the important thing is to use common sense and avoid overstatement. Use colour sparingly, either on cushions, details on small pieces of furniture or art.

Use a neutral background to make the colour scheme pop out. For instance, a warm grey background with pops of burnt orange looks amazing and is indeed something we can  expect to see more of in the future.

By using the vibrant colours of contemporary furniture it is also possible to create a lively selection of pieces to play a focal point in every interior.

It is true to say that the return of bold and lively colours are due to gain space and further influence even in the most conservative of interiors. The trick however, is to keep the background neutral when using strong accents, or perhaps choosing one colour and using that as a background, with furniture in more neutral tones.


It is crucial to co-ordinate the colours selected for your room, to reflect the atmosphere you want to create; this of course includes complementing your furniture with wall and flooring colours. For instance, for formal rooms such as the dining room, it is better to use a tonal palette with more sophisticated colours.

Alternatively, bedrooms should be extra comfortable; blues are often a lovely colour. For a younger feel you may wish to combine yellow with grey which is also a wonderful combination.”

Whilst neutral tones may create an ideal backdrop to inject lively colour and vibrancy, try and find a way of displaying colour in which strong colours such as yellow can instantly lift an otherwise gloomy room to create a sense of fun.

One of the most common dilemmas created when dressing or designing your home, is which colours balance “each other out?” -  However, a room can always remain colourful yet still achieve a ‘subtle’ effect. Through combining soft pastel colours, with fabrics rich in texture, this will help to provide a feminine and comfortable environment in which to unwind.


As with colour, one needs to use pattern sparingly. Whilst it can be very effective when looking to lift the feel of room, it can become heavy and old fashioned if not used in moderation. However, through using a combination of colours and patterns, it can create a charming environment, making it very convivial.

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