Tips On How To Choose Your Drapes

by Editor on June 12, 2013

Bedroom Drapes

You’ve worked really hard and you finally purchased your very own home. Now there is the delightfully daunting task of decorating that home. You want the décor to represent you and your tastes, but you must tailor the design to suit your budget. A lot of little things really start to add up when it comes to cost. One of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting about the drapes. Window treatments are an integral part of a home’s décor and should be treated as such. Here are some tips when deciding what to do with those curtains.

Get A Different Drape For Every Room

Don’t just assume good looking curtains are going to look good in every room of your house. That is to say, don’t buy the same drapes for every room that you have to decorate. The drapes should match each room and be specifically bought for each room. You don’t want those lush, adult, expensive drapes in your kid’s room, and, likewise, you don’t want child drapes in your dining room. Set out to find the best drapes for each room to tie the décor together and you might even find that this saves you money. If you bought a standard expensive drape to go in every room then the price could get really out of hand. You can lower your budget for certain rooms, like the kid’s play room.

Keep Private Rooms Private; Know Your Materials

There is a really popular window treatment that features sheer materials that can be seen through, especially if the light is on inside while it is dark outside. You want some serious gaze-stopping power in rooms where people may be intimate or changing clothing. Keep the materials in mind when decorating your home with drapes because it is not all about looks, it is also about function.

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Function Also Applies To Light

Natural light really brightens up a space and can bring out the colors in your décor, so you want a drape that won’t block the sun completely. Some drapes can pull away from the window far enough to allow all the natural light in and some are designed to stay semi-shut. Don’t shut out the light in your home because you chose the wrong window treatment.

Tie the whole room together with drapes. This entails knowing your colors and schemes. It is not so unlike matching clothing to wear. You can go with a uniform color theme or really make things pop with complimentary colors. Uniformity also works in patterns, but different patterns can rally have the drapes and the furniture pop, too.

Although drapes are incredibly functional items to add to your home, they can also completely transform a room by adding a subtle touch of class or a bright pop of color. Whether you are looking for something dramatic to act as a focal point in the room or are simply looking to cut down on your energy bills by adding a little extra insulation to your windows, you can easily satisfy all of your needs without having to spend a fortune in the process if you take just a little bit of time to explore some of the incredible voices that are available when it comes to adding beautiful window coverings to your home.

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