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by Editor on April 24, 2013

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It is easy to become carried carried away with the mattress when shopping for a new bed as the buyer can conveniently check it out by lying on top. However, you should also carefully consider the bed frame as it can make or break the interior upgrade of your bedroom. It is therefore important to assess beforehand the following factors before you pick your bed frame.

Head Board And Foot Board

Head boards and foot boards come in all shapes and sizes and complete the look of a bed; they can be curved, rectangular, angular, upholstered, high or low. Some people love foot boards because they give the bed the ‘sleigh bed’ look. The disadvantage of footboards is that they can be restrictive for tall people and they can make a room look smaller.

Head boards come either separate or attached to the bed frame. Standard head boards are attached to the bed frame with bolts whereas wall-mounted headboards are attached to the wall and the bed is pushed up against them. Wall-mounted headboards are good for saving space but they complicate matters if you want to move the bed at a later stage.

Height of The Base

Some people can’t stand high beds and others say low beds are bad for their back. Children may prefer lower beds however some kids’ beds come with ladders built into the bed frame. When you are choosing the height of the bed frame, remember to take into account the extra height that the mattress will add.


Before you choose your bed frame, ask yourself if you want the bed to compliment a rustic, modern or quirky style. Bed frames are most commonly manufactured using wood or metal and both materials can be shaped and finished to suit different styles. Wood is great for adding warmth to the style of a room. Metal is more practical because it is not vulnerable to pests or mould.

If you like moving your furniture around every so often, you should buy a lightweight metal bed. If you are planning on parking your bed in the same place for years to come, invest in a sturdy bed frame.


As you are probably aware, bed frames come in a range of sizes: super king, king, queen, double, twin and single. Before you choose your bed frame size, make sure you have measured the width of the walls in the bedroom.

Under-bed Storage

Another feature to consider when choosing your bed frame and can affect your home renovation project is under bed storage. Some beds come with built-in under-bed storage in the form of drawers, whereas other beds have an open space underneath where you can add your own storage solution. Under-bed storage is useful for storing linen or shoes but it makes cleaning under the bed a little more difficult. Dust will gather underneath the bed if it is not cleaned regularly; this can affect the quality of your sleep especially if you suffer from asthma.

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