Improve The Value Of Your Home In 3 Ways

by Editor on April 25, 2013


Making the most value from your residential property is now difficult than ever. The real estate crash resulted to having a lot of properties for sale in the market with fewer buyers. As a result of this, a perfect home really needs to stand out if it is going to be able to achieve the very best price. It would seem that buyers are forever looking for ways that they can lower your price, all of course at a cost to the homeowner.

This blog post will take a closer look at three crucial areas that every seller should pay attention to when trying to maximise the price of their house.

Clean up the Outside

First impressions really matter; especially when trying to sell a house. With this in mind, the last thing that you can afford to do is give the potential buyer a reason not to like your home.

Research confirms that buyers take on average 5-10 seconds to form an initial impression. Put simply, in the time it takes to walk down the front path they will know if they have a good feeling about a property. If things don’t look so good then there is a real chance that their brain will try to convince them of this during the remainder of the home inspection. This science behind this is referred to as a self-fulfilling prophecy and it is where the brain seeks to confirm initial thoughts were indeed correct.

However, this initial worry can be completely laid to rest with a little exterior attention. Cleaning up the outside of the house will consist of trimming back hedges and mowing the lawn. There’s also the need to rid it of chemical dangers such as lead and other hazards especially if the house you are selling was built before 1978. On top of this, there shouldn’t be any rubbish bags left lying around and if possible a fresh smattering of paint won’t go amiss also.

Carry Out All Major Repairs

It’s no secret that lenders have become much stricter in recent times. Very often this comes in the form of them asking for larger deposits before approving a mortgage. As a direct result of this an increasing number of potential buyers have lower levels of surplus cash available.

The reality here is that buyers are really put off by houses that need major repairs; many simply don’t have the budget to incorporate what needs doing. In the past things were quite a bit different with sellers willing to reduce the price to allow for these repairs; however, now things have changed.

The lesson here is to make sure that there are no major defects in your home. Best practice should be to carry out all major repairs prior to putting your home on the market. This way you can be confident that buyers won’t be able to find fault.

Freshen Things Up

A final way to help maximise the re-sale value of your home is to freshen things up a little. This is a great time to tackle some of the smaller jobs around the house. The banisters that are showing signs of age can be rejuvenated with a fresh coat of paint. Likewise any mildew that has been lurking in the bathroom or kitchen areas should be fully removed. Plus, putting an extra touch on your windows can also help enhance the home’s overall appeal.

Failing to attend to areas like the ones mentioned above will send a negative message screaming out to new buyers. Sadly it is all too easy for them to assume that there will be many other areas around the house that is in need of attention.

Buyers simply don’t have the time, money or inclination to get involved with properties that need lots of attention. Leaving your home in a less than satisfactory condition will make your potential buyers think that they should perhaps look elsewhere.

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When selling a property, Nick Thorping recommends carrying out remedial repairs to make your home more marketable. If you are looking for advice and guidance from estate agents, Cambridge experts can advise you on what to change to make your property show off its true value.

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