Three Stylish Ways To Increase Storage Efficiency In The Kitchen

by Editor on June 1, 2013


There is no such thing as “enough” kitchen storage. You can always have more! Whether you’re getting a head start on the spring-cleaning or just want to expand your cookware collection, there will always come a time when you have to sort out the storage situation before moving any further.

A clean and efficient kitchen is a stylish kitchen. This quick guide will help you achieve the streamlined aesthetic and intentional functionality of modern kitchen design, starting with those important storage essentials.

Restrict Ornamentation And Flaunt Functionality

This one rule is responsible for the very best kitchen designs. Your most functional cookware and utensils can inspire fantastic decoration ideas for your kitchen space – replace every piece of ornamentation with something beautiful but functional, and you’ll end up with a gorgeously efficient space every single time.

Clear out your cabinets by bringing those handcrafted bowls to the open shelving above your countertops. Make room in your utensil drawer by hanging your collection of timeworn wooden spoons near your serving area for a vintage aesthetic. Enameled cookware, funky wineglasses, and retro appliances should never take up space in your cabinets when they could serve front and center as part of your interior design.

Use Decorative Storage Bins And Baskets For Fun Sorting

Food takes up a lot of space in its original packaging. We love washable containers for this very reason – you can find airtight, stackable, pourable, containers to hold these items and remove literal and visual clutter. Use kitchen-coordinated baskets to hold items that are often bundled together like grains and pastas. Extend the “separate and contain” philosophy to utensils and pot/pan lids, anything you want.

We love getting creative with labels but gourmets may find the continual label-making process a little inefficient. Keep your ingredient collection organized by using chalkboard paint for the convenience of wipe-and-erase labeling. Chalk is very kitchen safe and looks stylish when used on shelves or storage containers.

Multifunctional Furniture Can Create More Space

Butcher tables can function as portable workspaces and serve double-duty with a pot rack underneath. Baking racks can look very professional and help to cool foods, conserve serving space, and could even hold stacked plates or spices if you get tired of using them for their original uses.

Even potted plants can serve multiple purposes by cleaning the air and providing decoration, the trick is to choose edible herbs and veggies so no inch of countertop goes to waste. Keep an eye out for freestanding furniture solutions that can flaunt your favorite dishes while providing a nice extra surface for work or decorative displays.

Get creative! Everything in your kitchen should serve a purpose – even better if every object can serve two or three purposes, or even more! You can use that reclaimed space to add more awesomeness to your interior or you can leave it clean for a sleek minimalist appeal. Getting rid of clutter while adding storage alternatives is liberating, like reclaiming your kitchen in the name of design potential.

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