Three Steps Towards A Cosier Home

by Editor on June 11, 2013


Sometimes our homes are not always as warm and inviting as we’d like them to be: if the promise of a glorious summer is yet to materialise, here are three simple steps you can take to make those colder months a bit cosier:

Step 1: Invest in double glazing

Whether you use central heating, a log-burning stove or an oil radiator to keep the chills at bay when the temperature drops, you could be wasting a lot of energy and achieving poor results if your home is not efficiently insulated: One way to keep draughts at bay and prevent heat from escaping is to invest in some double glazed windows;

Today’s modern systems will typically be loaded with features and come in a huge array of styles and finishes: your best bet here is to pay a visit to the showroom of a locally-based, reputable home improvement specialist, to find the best solution for your property.

With the right double glazed windows in place, you could transform your home interior into a luxuriously comfortable environment – and even save money in the process too!

Step 2: Draught-proof your interior

Whilst a lot of heat can escape through poorly insulated windows, nothing can send a shiver down your spine quite like an annoying draught (or ten!): doorways, floorboards, electrical fittings and sections where utility pipes are plumbed in can all end up causing chills to start multiplying in your home;

By taking the time to perform some simple DIY fixes, you can easily combat annoying chills: the first step is in diagnosing exactly where they are coming in from: a process that is easily achieved by (carefully) using a candle’s flame: each flicker serves as an excellent, sensitive indicator of draughts; so, with lit candle in hand, take some time to determine where the draughts are coming in from…

Once you have a list of all draught locations, take the appropriate action: draught-excluders can be fitted to doorways and letterbox holes, whilst a whole range of putties, caulks and fillers can be used to fill in cracks: ask at your local DIY shop for advice, or get some tradesmen in to perform the fixes: with draughts eliminated, you’ll be a step closer to snug, cosy bliss all year round!

Step 3: Think warm

Cosiness is not just about feeling physically warm: it is also a state of mind; drab décor, faded paintwork or a cool palette can all end up making you feel cold, even if the thermometer indicates otherwise;

Try decorating your home interior in bright, warm colours: think orange, red and earthy browns over blue, violet or pale green tones: use soft furnishings and make sure that your living spaces are all lit well.

Ambient mood lighting, colourful wall-art and other interior design touches can also serve to transform a sterile, gloomy environment into a welcoming, comfy den.

By making these three simple changes to your property you will be amazed with the results to the look of your home.

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