Three Steps To Your Hassle-Free Moving Experience

by Staff Editor on June 10, 2013

The time has come again. You’re packing up your life to go to greener pastures. Whether you’re hitting the old dusty trail for a job opportunity or other reasons, the nitty-gritty of migration can be a pain. Luckily, there’s no need to fret; organization is key to making this experience go smoothly.

Here are five steps to making your big day hassle-free.

1. First and foremost, assess your budget.

Money can certainly make your relocation easy. The good thing is that, even if you have only saved a couple hundred dollars in advance of pulling up the stakes, you can do a lot with these funds. If you’re planning a DIY operation, simply rent a vehicle (if you don’t already have a large one to use). Or, if you need to keep some of your belongings elsewhere due to downsizing or other reasons, you may want to look into St. Louis storage company fees.

Partial DIY operations are gaining popularity. These typically consist of a combination of hands-on self-packing and having someone else transport your items for you. Or, you can rent a pod or another portable storage method. In these scenarios, you typically pack and load yourself but the company picks up your receptacle and delivers it to your new home (or a facility for safe keeping).

Another choice is to go with a full service moving company in St. Louis, which allows you the most freedom and gives you time to focus on other things. Try to get estimates from multiple organizations so that you can get the most for your money and ensure that you aren’t stretching your checkbook too thin.

2. Orchestrate services/errands effectively.

Now that you’ve decided what to spend on, it’s time to manage and orchestrate. This means getting binding estimates from your top three businesses or reserving a vehicle if you’re renting one to drive. Make sure, too, that you cancel all household services at your current location and set them up at your new place.

3. Pack and load.

If you’ve hired help that is full service, your hands-on responsibilities may end here. However, if you’re doing partial or complete DIY, you will need to pack and load your possessions. Go room by room, first packaging things you use the least. Wrap breakables in paper and bubble wrap. Prep furniture with blankets and pads, if necessary. Also, enlist the help of your strongest friends if you need carrying help and be sure to provide them with some snacks, drinks and good cheer in exchange for their brawn.

Go online now to start pricing out St. Louis moving companies and other services that can cut down on the stress of your upcoming relocation.

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