Three Steps To A Totally Luxurious Shower Experience

by Editor on June 6, 2013

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While typically a bath is seen as the height of luxury when it comes to taking a relaxing wash at home, that is often to the disservice of showers which can actually be as pleasant, if not more so than their bathtub brethren.

With a bit of a revamp and refurb you can actually create a luxury experience with showers too, true you won’t be able to sit and read a book (unless you fancy reading a suitably waterproofed e-reader while standing up) or drink a glass of wine (see reading, but add a straw), but you will be able to feel more relaxed in different ways – a bath doesn’t have body sprays now does it??

We all like to treat and pamper ourselves now and again, so here I look at ways in which you can make showers all that more luxurious, dispelling the rumour that only baths can give you an escape of comfort and luxury once and for all.

Thermostatic Showers

Avoiding the threat of freezing cold water every time someone puts the kettle on, thermostatic showers are a must when it comes to a luxury shower experience. They ensure the water always stays hot with no risk of a sudden burst of cold water, although if you want to look at that in a positive way, I guess the cold experience sort of replicates a plunge pool in a spa.

You can make the shower experience even more luxurious by looking into overhead units. These create something akin to a luxury hotel experience, instantly conjuring memories of a more relaxed and chilled time.

Body Sprays

There are many showers available these days that also come with the option of body sprays. With many saunas and spas offering showers featuring such things, it can be another way of replicating the experience in the comfort of your own home, without the need to wear a tight swimming costume, never good if like me you have a little bit of a muffin top after a little too much indulgence while on holiday!

Body sprays can relax the body, literally from top to bottom, and if you look into some steam generating showerheads, you can even create a steam room of sorts for a full sauna like experience.


All you need then to complete the luxury shower experience is a few bathroom accessories and items. You know the sort, shower sponges, body oils, gels, shampoos like the ones in the ads that make you go ‘ooh’ etc. etc.

Not all of us will be able to get down to the spa or sauna very often, so by looking into the different things mentioned in this blog, you can at least bring a small part of the sauna to your home instead. All you need to do now is choose the products you want, get a date booked for it to be fitted and then spend a couple of hours jotting down as many excuses you can to send the kids and hubby out for an hour or two every now and again!

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