Three Reasons To Have Your Home Improved With Window Tinting

by Editor on May 26, 2013

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Window tinting is more commonly associated with automobiles, especially cars. There are some simple reasons why your car, by default, would have its windows tinted. Depending on the hours and durations that you travel, you are probably driving when the sun is at its brightest and hottest. There is a lot of heat and radiation that sun rays carry with them and the occupants of the car need protection from these.

Window tinting keeps you from these rays while driving. Many home improvement companies and home owners are beginning to see that the same benefits that work for a car or jeep, work just fine for home as well. There is all the more reasons why you must consider getting the windows in your home tinted.

Window Tints

Unlike the window tints of the old days, today’s window tints are made using prestige class of thin layered films, most of it a result of some seriously cool technology that has been invented in recent times. These films are used all over the country and they are good at doing two things. Firstly, they block most of the ultra violet radiation from entering your home. Studies put the blocking effectiveness at more than ninety percent. Second, they are also pretty good at blocking infrared radiation, though tints are less effective in that regard.

Fortunately, the part about infrared is not that disappointing because infrared is not known to be dangerous. On the other hand, ultra violet radiation can get pretty dangerous. Continued exposure to high intensity ultra violet radiation can cause a variety of skin ailments, all of which can be avoided. That is where window tints come in.

Windows tints have the necessary agents embedded in them, which deflect the harmful radiation. It is sort of like holding an umbrella when you are out in the rain. The rays fall on the tint and are pushed away and denied entry to your home. This is the first and most important reason why you should opt for window tints. They keep your family safe. As the house owner you have a lot of concern for your family’s health. There are many things, ranging from health insurance to advocating healthy eating habits that you do to keep your family healthy.

Think of window tinting as that one more thing that you do to ensure your family’s safety.

Protection From Burglars

While window tints give your home protection from intruding rays of the sun, they also provide suitable protection from other type of intruders like burglars.

As you may have read in the papers or watched in movies, burglars do a lot of recon work before they burgle a house. As simple as it sounds, all one has to do in order to get a good idea as to what expensive items are kept where in your house, is to simply peer through a window which has transparent panes. Burglars are pretty good at being able to tell how your home is arranged, what electronic items that you keep, how many people live and gather other burglary assisting information.

All of this recon work can be stopped to a large extent by having your windows tinted. The idea behind tinting is that you can see what is going on outside while not allowing the outsiders to know how the inside is arranged. Also, tinted glasses add to the overall strength of the window pane. As compared to regular panes tinted panes are a lot stronger and are pretty good at resisting break-ins. This is something that will come in handy to you, especially if you find your home being left alone at much of the day time.


Burglars are not a problem in most neighborhoods but curious onlookers are. Like it or not, nothing gives some folks more joy than being able to see in vivid detail every activity that is going on in your home. This is a huge breach of privacy. Then again, if your panes are transparent and allows a clear view, there is no rule of the land which says that they cannot look towards your home.

An easy solution is to get the windows tinted. You get your privacy and all the other benefits that you have just read above. Home improvement companies provide you with tinted windows. You can turn this into a do it yourself home improvement project. Alternatively, you could just let the folks from your closes home improvement company take care of it.

About the Author

The author, in light of better privacy experience, had UPVC windows installed at his home. He used the excellent services provided by Penicuik for the task.

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