Three Reasons To Get An Eco-Friendly Showerhead

by Editor on June 11, 2013

Westin's Eco-Friendlier Showerheads

Take a second and consider where you use the most amount of water in your home. If you’re like the average American, you use and lose the most water in your bathroom, where the wet stuff is often flowing from outdated faucets, inefficient toilets and water-wasting showerheads. We use water to get rid of waste and every time we bathe; every morning and every evening when we wash our face and hands or when we brush our teeth; and for everything in between. So how do we significantly cut down on our consumption when it appears such excessive use has become a hard habit to break?

One quick and easy solution is to invest in and install an eco-friendly showerhead.

Here are three reasons you should switch out your wasteful and archaic showerhead for something a little more environmentally conscious.

  1. One of the biggest culprits of water waste in American homes is the shower. The average showerhead releases around two gallons of water per minute, meaning a 10-minute shower uses 50 to 60 gallons. But a low-flow showerhead uses a fraction of that – many that have adjustable settings can use even less than half of that per minute.
  2. It’s well known that Americans use many more resources on average than people elsewhere around the globe. We enjoy our long showers and we want our lawns to be unbelievably green. But all that water use is not only wasting a precious resource; it’s also wasting our hard-earned money. By cutting down on the amount of H2O we use in the bathroom, we are able to pay less toward astronomical bills and keep more of our cash tucked safely away in our wallets. Wastefulness costs while conservation clearly saves.
  3. Showers are arguably still more water conscious than baths, and they are one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s suggestions for conserving household water usage. But nonetheless, nearly 20 percent of our water use comes from our showers alone. If we all made a simple change to our showerheads, we could easily cut that down significantly.

So why not make the switch? It could be a useful investment to purchase a water-saving showerhead for one or several bathrooms in your family’s home. It’s a fix that can go a long way toward conserving gallons and saving dollars.

Numbers vary, but the average American uses anywhere from 80 to 120 gallons of water a day, significantly more than the global average daily use. The Environmental Protection Agency puts the average American family of four at 400 gallons a day collectively. Knowing this, it becomes clear that every step we can take as individuals to lessen our water consumption can and will make a marked difference.

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Mario is an avid writer about water conservation and the best way to save water in your home. One of the best ways to do this is by having an eco friendly showerhead in your bathroom. You can find this product at

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