Three Approaches To Three Different Design Challenges

by Editor on May 3, 2013


Each room of the house has a different feel to it, and requires a different touch when working through the design process. Bold colors that work in a living room might be too distracting in the bedroom, and busy patterns can be an eyesore in a dining room. An experienced interior designer knows how to identify these problems and work through the issues to create the best design ideas and most unique design for each type of room in the house.

Living Room

This is usually the first room that guests will spend time in when they arrive at a home. The living room needs to feel open and inviting, and is the best showcase for a homeowner’s creative streak. When working in the living room it is important to keep in mind the color palette for the furniture, the flooring, window treatments and finishing touches. A good designer can bring all of the pieces together to make the room come together as a whole, rather than a collection of pieces.

Dining Room

While this room is not used by all families on a regular basis, the dining room is the place where many households host guests. This is where the extended family eats family dinners, the place where friends have holiday meals and the place where formal dinner parties occur. Interior designers can work in the dining room space to add a sense of sophistication, if the room is going to be used to host business or formal functions, or the designer can make the room more rustic, if the goal is to host family dinners there.


The other rooms of the house are for public consumption and should be able to project the homeowner’s creativity to the world, but the bedroom is a homeowner’s private space and the area of the house where the homeowner should feel the most comfortable. It is here that homeowners should be able to relax and be soothed from the toils of the day. By using an interior designer, the homeowner can create a bedroom that functions as a sleeping space, but is able to aid the sleeping process.

Each room of the house offers its own unique design challenges. The colors and functionality of one room do not necessarily translate to another, and a great designer understands the differences between rooms and will work with the homeowner to create rooms that reflect customer desires and serves the purpose of the room.

Interior design is not uniform from room to room in a home; each type of room provides different challenges to the designer. This article presents some things that customers doing interior design Lancaster PA should think about.

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