Things To Consider When Choosing Siding For Your Home

by Editor on May 28, 2013

Wall  finished in vinyl siding

Siding can be one of those elements of your home that really adds to the exterior beauty, but no one really notices unless it is of poor quality.  Basically, good siding brings it all together and completes the total package.  You may not hear tons of praise about your siding choice if it’s a good one, but you will hear plenty if it’s a bad one.

When the time comes to choose new siding for your home, keep these factors in mind so you make the best choice possible for your home.


Like anything else for your home, siding is available in a wide range of prices.  For this reason, it’s wise to come up with a budget before you start looking so you can focus your efforts.  Why waste time looking at options that are outside your budget if you don’t have to?

Different Types

It’s also a good idea to consider all the different types of siding, so you can make an informed choice when the time comes.  Here is a list of all the usual suspects:

  • Wood – this creates a natural look and isn’t too high in the price category.  Some common types are plywood, clapboard, cedar and wood plank.  Wood has fallen in popularity in many areas because it doesn’t do well in bad weather.
  • Vinyl – vinyl siding is the most commonly used material these days because it doesn’t cost much, it’s easy to install and it comes in a wide range of colors and textures.
  • Composite – composite siding is available in materials like asphalt, aluminum or fiber cement.  You can get it in boards or shingles and it can be used with many different accessories and types of trim.

Have a talk with your contractor or siding expert to get a good idea of which type of siding is best for your home.  The lowest price isn’t always the best choice, so it’s best to get some expert advice before you make your decision.

The Neighbourhood

The type of house you live in, and the other houses in your neighbourhood are also important things to consider when choosing siding.  Creativity and individuality are good, but ultimately you probably want to coordinate your siding with the other homes in the neighbourhood to a certain degree.  Keep in mind that darker siding will make your home look smaller and lighter siding will make it appear bigger.

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