Things To Consider During An Open House

by Editor on May 20, 2013

Things are staring to pick back up in the real estate market, and with the warmer weather, homes will continue to pop up on the market around the country, and the real estate busy season will be well underway again. If you’re planning on selling your home this year, and will be showcasing your home to potential buyers, there are a few key things to always keep in mind.

Keeping it Clean

No one likes walking into a messy home, and no one will be interested in buying one that’s messy to begin with. Be sure you spend quite a bit of time cleaning your home, then inspecting it for grime, dust, or any clutter that can be taken care of. A few key areas that should certainly be on your check list include bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, patio and any guest rooms. If you have children, designate a small area for them to keep their toys in, and stress how important it is to keep the home clean for the day.

Be Out of their Way

Many real estate agents debate with whether or not the current residents of a home should be present at all during their open house, or if the realtor should be the sole representation of the home. I generally like to think that the home owners should not be there if possible, as home owners will influence the buying process of a home seeker, usually in a negative way. If you do choose to be there, you have to find a way to not really be present, and you have to accept that home seekers will want to snoop around ever corner of your home. Additionally, if you have pets or animals around your home, find a friend or family member that can hang onto them for the day. You may not be allergic to them, but some home buyers can have serious allergies.

Don’t Forget About The Outside

Home buyers think a lot of what’s outside the home, so be sure it is as presentable as possible. You may have to show your home during the dark and bleak winter months, but understand that your home, especially the outside of the home, will look better on a warm and sunny day. If you have a garden or room to put flower pots or flower boxes, then make a trip to your local nursery to pick up some that will spruce up the outside area.

Get an Agent to Evaluate your Home

Getting the help of several real estate agents to take an overall look at your home, search for any noticeable signs of improvements, and then give you a price tag for what they believe your home should be valued at. Be a bit wary of the numbers the tell you for the value of your home however, as they may be high balling you by attempting to sign you as a client, or low balling you to try to make it easier for them to make a quick sell.

Make Your Home More Appealing to More Buyers

You may love the colorful wallpaper in your living room, but 7 out of 10 people might not. Your goal when selling your home should be to make it appealing to more buyers, while at the same time making sure it fits well with your surrounding community.

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