Things To Consider Before Converting Your Tub Into A Shower

by Editor on May 8, 2013

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Many people are hesitant when it comes to converting their bathtubs into showers. Often, this turns out to be a huge and costly project and at times, after the project is complete, some people regret doing it because they never thought it through to actually see if it’s the right choice.

If you are considering converting your tub into a shower, here are some important things you need to consider before you start the project.

How Often Do You Use Your Bathtub?

Many people love to soak and relax in a bathtub, especially if it’s a Jacuzzi style with massaging jets. If that is the case for you, then ask yourself if converting your tub is the right decision.

Do You Have Another Bathroom?

If this is the only bathroom in the house with a bathtub and you enjoy your baths, then it might not be such a wise decision to convert to a shower. In fact many building codes require a certain amount of bathrooms to have bathtubs based on the square footage of the house.

So be sure to check the building codes in your area before starting this project and later finding out that you have to convert it back to a bathtub.

Your Age

You’re probably wondering what age has to do with converting a tub into a shower. Well, with the ever growing baby boomer generation getting older, getting into a shower can be a slipping hazard not to mention the possible inability to stand for a long time.

Thus, if you fall into this age bracket, or are getting there, then instead of a shower, you might consider other options such as an easy access walk in tub and shower.


Another huge factor to consider is cost. Often times, people seem to think it’s easy and all you do is remove the tub and that’s it.

But they overlook the fact that in most cases the drain has to be moved, or if the existing tub didn’t have a shower head, then additional costs would incur to add and connect more pipes to the wall to accommodate a new shower system.

Thus, before getting started, it’s probably best to consult with an experienced contractor to get an idea of the costs involved and whether this is something that will fit into your budget.

About the Author

Robert is a general contractor and designer. His specialty includes bathroom remodels and purchasing quality products for his clients. In fact, when he remodeled his own bathroom, he had to order a specialty shower head made specifically for him.

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