There’s No Place For Sentimentality When Decluttering Your Home

by Editor on June 26, 2013

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Sentimentality is your biggest enemy when it comes to keeping your house free from clutter. Anyone who has ever tried to remove some of their own ‘junk’ from their home will be able to empathise with those people who simply can’t bring themselves to get rid of those possessions that once meant so much to us, even if they’ve been gathering dust for a few years.

The trick to any attempt to clear out your home is to be brave and try not to attach sentimental value to every item you come across. You only have so much love to give after all, so why not focus your efforts on things that you’re going to treasure for the rest of your life, rather than spreading your attention across a huge amount of possessions.

Take It One Room At A Time

The biggest mistake anyone can make when tackling his or her mess is to attempt to do the whole house in one day. No matter how much of a super sorter you think you are, you’re not going to be able to manage more than one room per day if you really want to get things properly sorted. If you find yourself jumping between rooms you’ll also find yourself failing at each one too, so set aside one day to complete a day and stick to it.

Many people struggle to understand that in order to tidy up a room you need to make it messy first. This is probably the only fun part of clearing out your house (unless you’re some sort of tidy freak that is), since you get to enjoy making your room look like a bombsite. Spread everything from your shelves and cupboards over the floor so you can see exactly what you’re dealing with and start from there – and this tactic works just as well when you’re decluttering your wardrobe too.

The Two Tidying Rules You Should Always Keep In Mind

If you want tidy living to be a long-term part of your life, it’s important you’re storing things correctly from the off. Firstly, make sure that you are storing the same types of things together. If you have 20 packs of batteries, store them together so that when you come to need one you won’t be hunting around the house creating a mess. Similarly, if you only use certain items in one room, keep them in that room! It sounds simple, but this is a great way to ensure your house doesn’t become a black hole where you never seem to be able to find anything.

Don’t start splashing out on storage boxes or other solutions before you get your house in order – it’s just a waste of money. Make sure you’ve sorted the rubbish from the things you want to keep before you invest so you can only buy what you need. There’s no use buying a make-up storage box if you end up throwing away all but two tubes of lip gloss – so get things in order first!

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