Getting Rid Of Junk To Enhance Your Loft

by Editor on April 30, 2013


A major de-cluttering session is a must for most houses these days. Even though it’s a painstaking process, there’s actually a lot of hidden potential that exists in each room.

Nowhere is this more likely than in those areas into which we rarely venture, such as cellars – if we have them – or lofts. The spaces in these areas, though, is all too often regarded simply as a dumping ground for items which we have no immediate need for, but we think may ‘come in handy one day’.

But really, there’s no logic as to why we should simply store so much of this stuff, on some flimsy premise that we might one day find it useful – and even then it always assumes, of course, that we can find it again when the need arises…

Spring Clean Your Loft!

So now that spring is just around the corner, it’s the ideal time to take another look at just what’s lurking in these unused spaces. It might involve hiring a skip or a van to take away all the clutter and unwanted items which we find, but once it’s all out of the way, you’re quite likely to find it easier to look at the space in a new light. So instead of using it as a repository for lots of indeterminate items, you could start on a clear-out which might be the first step towards turning the space into something much more in keeping with the rest of your house, and which turns out to be so useful that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think to do it earlier.

Today, a highly profitable strand of daytime television has been made from programmes which exalt all of us to take a look at the ‘hidden treasures’ which we have lying around unused at home, and viewers are regularly amazed at the sorts of discarded and forgotten items which are sought after by collectors, and can be worth a tidy sum. It certainly proves the maxim that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

Visualise what you can use your loft for

Once your loft is cleared of all the detritus, you can then visualise more clearly the possible uses it might have. And if you’re short of inspiration, you can take a look at our new blog, which contains lots of case studies and stories of people who have cleared out their loft spaces and seen the true potential in them. You have to be sure, though, that the idea you settle on is one which will have appeal beyond it being just your own treasured project. Not everyone is likely to view the idea of a cinema room in their loft, for example, with the same enthusiasm as you. So you should try to make sure that, if that or a model railway is what you want to use the space for, it can be easily converted back to more general use once you no longer live there.

But you’ll be amazed at the transformation which can be wrought. Use your imagination and enlist the help of a professional loft conversion company, and you’ll soon see how easy it can be to turn dead space into an attractive living area.

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Lauren is a freelance writer from Manchester, UK. Currently working also as a copywriter for Econoloft.

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