The World Of Luxury Pools: Design And Technology Ideas

by Editor on May 1, 2013

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Swimming pools have always been luminous, traffic-control-strength beacons of luxury when found appended to somebody’s home. Having a swimming pool is like having an iPad that’s grown arms and has learnt to do the washing for you, as well as all the lobbing about of enraged fowl. They make guests coo and act as a talking point when you’re at work, eating out or accosting strangers on the street! Of course, modern technology is currently accelerating faster than a horsemeat-related apology and it’s dive-bombing into swimming pools everywhere as we speak, ramping up the illustrious enigma that is owning a big hole in the ground filled with water!

Of course, here in old Blighty, the weather’s not always what you might call kit-off-appropriate, and as such, peeling off the many, many layers and belly flopping into the pool might not be a particularly tantalizing prospect, especially in the winter months. As such, it’s easy to let the only girl fall into a leaf-encumbered state of unsightly disrepair, and after a few cold weeks of not being in use, a swimming pool suddenly turns from a hoisted flag reading ‘Posh Gits Here’ into nature’s discard pile.

So then, with the leaps and bounds of brash technological development currently invading every aspect of our humble lives, we thought we might go through a few of the latest additions you might want to add to your swimming pool to get the luxury flag flying high again! If you’re looking at a Spring/Summer renovation, here’re some interesting choices to get her looking resplendent once more!

LED Lighting

Lighting is everything in design. Spend enough time on positioning and contrast and you could light an old boot and make it look swish. That in mind then, swimming pool lighting is of course, equally important, and you can make a huge amount of difference in the evenings with a bit of underwater mood lighting. LEDs are undoubtedly the way to go with this, and there are loads of options for having them installed. A deep and luscious lighting tucked under the lip of the surround makes it look both mysterious and inviting, and will probably help to make sure nobody stumbles into it at your evening patio parties.

Underwater Speakers

Now we’re really getting to the meat of the show. Probably one of the fanciest things you can hook up to your swimming pool right now, underwater speakers are in no way a new invention. For years they’ve been used primarily for synchronised swimming. Fortunately, their use isn’t limited to the sport and whether you want to play music at pool parties, listen to some relaxing tunes as you float about in the evening, or swim lengths and exercise to a motivational beat, underwater speakers will make your pool the one to go to!

Decking Surrounds

Even when lit, there’s little you can do to turn a big bowl of water into something more design and style friendly. So then, you must look to the surrounds and the area about the pool if you’re looking to make the biggest difference to the overall aesthetic. Whilst wood decking may not instinctively seem like the perfect option, uPVC and composite decking options are, in fact, perfect for this situation; their deep browns and corrugated styles really add that sense of holiday home deluxe. Pop it into Google or better yet Pinterest and see the kind of beautiful pool areas others have made!

Solar Heating

Lastly then, what could be better than making sure you can use the pool just about any time of the year? Best of all solar heating is, of course, environmentally friendly and renewable energy! So not only will you be fit and healthy from all the swimming, you’ll be doing Mother Nature a favour too, and getting more out of your pool all year round. There’s nothing better than getting into a preheated pool, especially if you’re aiming for out and out luxury!

That’s it then, slap a few of these beauties into your once run-down swimming pool and you’ll be re-hoisting the hallmark of bountiful beauty in your home in no time!

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This article was written by Rob Vicars for Raaft, supplying beautiful composite decking that encapsulates the very idea of visual luxury in every board!

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