The Three Critical Parts Of Kitchen Design

by Editor on May 1, 2013

Kitchen (left view)

Choosing a new kitchen isn’t as easy as you might first think. There’s a wealth of choice in terms of kitchen unit design, and when you take into consideration the accessories that go with the kitchen as well as the other major parts of the kitchen design, deciding on a particular theme can be tricky.

When you are choosing a kitchen there are three things you need to get right at the outset to make the design work (in addition to decorating kitchen walls).

Kitchen Base Units & Cupboards

This is the starting point for any kitchen design. Are you looking for a traditional kitchen, are you looking to create a modern space? The type of home you have may dictate the type of kitchen which will suit. But with a range of designs available, including solid wood, painted shaker or even high sheen gloss the number of options is seemingly endless.

One of the easiest ways to choose a particular style of kitchen is to get a designer to plan the kitchen for you and then view the plans on their computer system. The designer will likely be able to give you a three dimensional view of the kitchen and will be able to substitute different styles and designs with the click of a mouse, so you’ll be able see what each design will look like.

Kitchen Flooring

After the cabinet type has been chosen, you’ll need to choose an appropriate floor covering. This can be difficult because it will have to complement the cabinet style without clashing, in terms of colour. New vinyl designs are currently proving very popular in the kitchen, with major suppliers offering vinyl flooring in designs which replicate natural products such as wooden flooring and stone tiles. However if you want to opt for a traditional approach you can’t beat granite floor tiles or ceramic tiles.

Again, if possible, get a designer to show you how the room will look with the kitchen and flooring in place. This will allow you to consider if the design is right for you. And if you want to go with floor heating, see The Pro’s And Con’s of Under Floor Heating.

Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktops are perhaps the part of the kitchen you see first when you walk through the door. Because of this they have to look stunning. However kitchen worktops aren’t just installed based on their looks, they have to serve a purpose so must also be functional.
Functional worktops have to cope with the rigours of daily life and be easy to clean while also showing off the kitchen to its true potential. One of the best ways you can do this is to choose a kitchen worktop which is made from a natural material such as granite or quartz. This natural product is strong enough to withstand regular use whist the beauty of the stone is hard matched by another material.

Kitchen cupboards, flooring and worktops are the three most important aspects of kitchen design. However the design isn’t limited to just these three things. There are also a wealth of different aspects such as d├ęcor and fixtures and fittings which make a kitchen the heart of a home.

About the Author

Jenny Holmes is a kitchen designer from Slough. She uses Granite Solutions Direct who supply the kitchen worktops she uses as part of her designs.

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