A Deeper Look At Different Flooring Types

by Editor on April 24, 2013

It is just natural for home owners to decorate homes with comfort and aesthetics in mind. If you are currently considering a home improvement project, your floors should not be taken for granted as it makes up for a large surface area of your house. As such, they play an important part in the look and feel of your home and so, different flooring types should be properly considered to suit your overall theme. Different flooring types each have their benefits, and their drawbacks. Below are their pros and cons.


  • Pros

Carpets are usually soft and warm and are ideal for creating a snug and cosy environment. They also come in an unlimited range of colours, patterns and different textures to help you achieve the effect you are looking for whether for a living room’s or bedroom’s colour palette. They also help to keep the heat in so are ideal for colder climates.

  • Cons

One of the biggest drawbacks of carpet is keeping it clean and some can become very grubby indeed. In homes where young children and pets are present you will need to take into account that light colours are probably not a good idea and that a white carpet is unlikely to remain white for long. While some modern cleaners such as the Dyson may help keep a carpet clean, it is still more of a chore than cleaning other flooring types.


  • Pros

Unlike with carpets, laminate flooring is easy to keep clean. A quick sweep should usually do the job but if it is particularly dirty then all that is needed is a mop. Laminate flooring also looks good making it the perfect solution for many interior design plans. The surface is durable and it should be some time before it will need replacing.

  • Cons

If you are looking for a soft, comfortable carpet then laminate flooring is not for you. The hard surface is not always ideal and many might choose to use something softer instead. Another disadvantage with laminate flooring is that he surface cannot be sanded when it becomes worn. If the surface does become tatty, it may need to be replaced completely.


  • Pros

Tile flooring is another flooring type that makes it easy to clean and its hygienic nature makes it ideal in kitchens and other environments where cleanliness is important. It is also a very afforabable option and comes in a range of styles and textures meaning it can be used for a variety of different applications

  • Cons

Tile flooring is usually not the cosiest option as it is hard, cold and often quite plain. It can also be very slippery when wet potentially leading to accidents and it is prone to cracking of heavy objects are dropped on it. Another disadvantage could be that it is also cold but for people in some climates, having cool flooring would be a positive thing.

The type of flooring that is best for you will depend largely on your budget, your lifestyle and the climate in which you live. You will need to take a few things into account if you are to choose a type of flooring that is just right for you.

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