The Lazy Homeowner’s Guide To Low Maintenance Flooring

by Editor on May 15, 2013

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Do you know what is more fun than doing housework? Well, pretty much everything actually.

No one really likes vacuuming or cleaning floors, it is just one of those things that need to be done. Unless you are the gung-ho homemaker type who gets a lot of joy out of fastidiously cleaning the white carpets and arranging the knick knacks every day, you will probably just want to make housekeeping as simple as possible. You only get two precious days off on your weekend and you don’t want to sacrifice one of them scrubbing the floors in an impression of Cinderella.

While those with this attitude will likely never have a home that ends up being photographed for “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine, the lazy homeowner doesn’t have to live in squalor either. There are ways that you can simplify your home maintenance so that you can do as little as possible but still have a house that looks clean and presentable. This begins with choosing the right materials that will be easy to clean and maintain, saving yourself the work in the future.

The Best Flooring for the Housework Minimalist

When you are choosing flooring options for your home, you should look for the floors that will be as low maintenance as possible so that they will require less fuss and hassle. Of course, this doesn’t mean ‘no maintenance’ as you will still need to clean, but they will be easier and faster to clean than other options out there in the market.


One of the best options for the lazy homeowner is laminate. This tough and sturdy flooring choice requires very little maintenance as it has a resin surface that is resistant to stains. It is also very durable and will hold up well under lots of foot traffic, so that you can use it in your family room and hallway.

All you will need to do with your laminate floor is to wipe up any spills with a paper towel or a clean cloth and then sweep or vacuum once or twice per week. There will be no need to mop or wax your laminate floor.


Carpet requires a little bit more maintenance than laminate flooring, but many people feel like having a house without carpet is cold and uninviting and they decide that their living room would feel incomplete without it. If you do want carpets, choose ones that are made from nylon because they will be more stain resistant. Also, go for a tighter and shorter carpet which will retain its texture better and last longer. Of course, it goes without saying that white carpet and children or pets will be a nightmare!


If your home has hardwood floors, count your blessings! Not only is this type of flooring very beautiful, it also is durable and ages well. Your hardwood floors will be quite low maintenance and they will require occasional vacuuming to keep them looking clean. Once per year you can apply a coat of a wood renewal product to add shine and lustre.

How to Clean Less Often

As well as choosing the right low maintenance flooring, there are also a number of ways you can ensure that you will need to clean your floors less often.

  • Place a shoe rack by your door and encourage all guests and family members to take off their shoes when entering the home.
  • If you have a dog or a cat, take them outside and give them a thorough brushing once or twice per week. See all those clumps of fur you end up with? You’ve saved them from ending up on your floors.
  • Make a rule about only eating at the kitchen table, so that you will have fewer crumbs to clean up on floors around the house.

With good habits and the right easy to clean flooring, you can ensure that you will spend as little time as possible cleaning your home and more time doing the things you enjoy.

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Wendy Derbyshire is a freelance writer and homeowner who doesn’t always have a lot of time for housework. She chose low maintenance flooring options from to make her life easier.

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