The importance of ergonomic furniture in the home office

by Editor on November 6, 2013


When creating a home office, many people are tempted to scrimp and safe, reusing existing items from around thehome. While this may be eco-friendly, dragging your hard, wooden dining chair up to a low, cramped table will only work to increase your discomfort, causing you numerous aches and pains.

Ergonomic office furniture is specially designed to fit around the body in order to increase comfort when sitting for long periods of time. This handy guide will take you through some of the essential furniture you will need in your home office:

Ergonomic office chairs

According to the British Chiropractic Association, around 32% of people spend more than ten hours of their day sitting down. For this reason, it is of vital importance that your office chair is suitable.

When sat on the chair, your feet should be firmly placed on the ground, your arms level with the desk and your thighs horizontal. An adjustable chair is the best option to meet this criteria, as itcan be easily altered to suit the height of your workstation.

Not only should the height of your chair be adjustable, you should also be able to change the tilt of your backrest to suit your needs. When you were growing up, chances are you were always told to sit up straight and not to slouch. However, as the BBC recently reported, new research has shown that the best position to sit at your desk in is leaning back, at around 135 degrees. This reduces the strain placed on your lower back, so it is an essential function of the chair.

Having an uncomfortable chair could affect your productivity, as you will not be able to focus on the task in hand. Make sure you go for a well-padded chair to give all the support you will need.

Take a look at the range of office furniture available from Viking Direct – they have a great collection of ergonomic office chairs with something to suit all budgets.

Work station

It is important that you have a workstation that is at the correct height. You can get specially designed adjustable desks that would be particularly good if you are sharing an office with others.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can make it more difficult for your blood to circulate around your body and could cause deep vein thrombosis. To prevent this, you should take regular breaks. The great thing about ergonomically designed desks is that you can quickly and easily alter their height, so that you are able to work standing up for periods of time.

A work station that has a pull-out keyboard tray is ideal because it eliminates pressure on your wrists and elbows as they won’t be at an awkward angle stretching onto the desk’s surface.

Foot stool

If you aren’t the tallest person, you can find that your feet will dangle while sitting on your office chair. This puts extra pressure on your thighs, causing discomfort. To prevent this, it is worth investing in an under desk foot stool. This will provide you with a base for your feet, improving your seated posture.

By purchasing a variety of these ergonomically designed products, you will see massive benefits to your own health as well as your productivity.

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