The Gift of Art

by Editor on July 30, 2013

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Gifting is an art in itself. Finding ‘just the right thing’ is very satisfying. The idea of presenting a person for whom you care with something you know (or hope) will give them great pleasure is a really great feeling. Sometimes the search can be arduous, and sometimes you just stumble on the perfect thing to express your feelings.

Sometimes a gift certificate will do the job, if you really cannot find that ‘just right’ present, or you know the recipient will want to select from an array of some sort (size, color, etc.).

You can choose to give as a gift a framed item that you think will please the person you to whom you are giving. Various kinds of art works are available, and one you may find appealing is natural letter art. Pictures taken from actual occurrences in nature and used to spell out something, such as a name, slogan, or amusing thought are great gifts. These reflect your feelings for your recipient and show a sincere thought and meaning in a gift.

A photo walking tour, searching the things around you, will reveal formations in nature that resemble letters of the alphabet all around you. The formation of the branches of a tree can look like an ‘e’, a series of icicles hanging from a small branch can be an ‘m’, and so on. shows on its web page a collection of letters made from Google aerial map shots. Karen Sasek, in her “Letters from Nature” web site, shows many letters taken from scenes in nature.

Alphabetical letters can be seen in all sorts of things, not just in nature. Almost anything can resemble a letter, if you let your imagination go a little. Alphabet Photography Images, on their web site, offers a CD with many reusable images for creating anything you care to make for a gift. The CD also includes mattes for your photos, also reusable. The images come in black and white and sepia.

Using the CD mentioned above, you can wax creative in putting together the imagery for your gift or greeting. Making a vertical presentation is one idea. Superimposing your word of phrase on top of a photograph is another. Using your imagination is the best tool you have to make

Pictures showing the letters can be mounted in frames to spell out a person’s name or a special phrase that may be important to them. Such gifts will become heirlooms, kept in a family for generations. Letter Perspectives is a place where you can design your own set to be framed, have stationary put together with a symbol that you like, or just get a set of photos with which to do your own thing.

Heather Hall, of Letter Perspectives, was inspired by her four year old son, who spied something that looked like the letter ‘E’, and told his mother about it. She took a picture, and they continued to take pictures until they had the whole alphabet. This occurrence led to the formation of the company, and the web site mentioned here. You can contact them at, where there is a page for contacting them and a list of their products that are available.

photo by: FutUndBeidl

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