The Different Types Of Window Shutter

by Editor on May 16, 2013


Wooden window shutters are a stylish and practical alternative to traditional curtains, but before you delve into the world of shutters, you should probably get to grips with the different types of shutter that are available on the market today. The type of shutter you buy for your home very much depends on your individual needs and tastes, but here’s a brief over view of the 3 main types of shutter you can readily buy in specialist stores.

Half Height /Café Style Interior Shutters

This type of shutter is designed to cover the lower half of a window and, as the name would suggest, you will often find them in cafes, bars and restaurants, particularly across Europe. Whilst allowing light to enter the room through the top half of a window, this type of shutter allows you to retain privacy by blocking peering eyes from looking in. So as to not completely block your view out of the lower half of the window, the slats on the blind can usually be tilted on an angle to allow light to enter the room.

Double Hung Shutters/Tier on Tier

Double hung shutters, or ‘tier on tier’ as they are more commonly referred to in much of Europe, cover the entire window, meaning they provide complete privacy. However, the great thing about double hung shutters is that they divide in the middle and can be divided horizontally, meaning you can have either the top or the bottom, or even the whole thing open. Double hung shutters allow a degree of flexibility, so for the indecisive among us, they are perhaps the perfect option! They are also perfect if you live in a climate with extreme seasons – during the summer months you can open up the shutters and let in the light and allow the air to circulate freely, whilst in the winter you can keep the cold out of your home by keeping the shutters closed.

Full Height Shutters

This type of shutter, you guessed it, covers the entire window. They are commonly found on the ground floor of buildings, where privacy is required when floor to ceiling windowns are present. For example, conservatories can often leave you feeling exposed, and full height shutters are a great way to increase your privacy levels and keep your valuable hidden from prying eyes when the room isn’t in use. Full height shutters act almost as a second door, and as with most other shutters, the slats can be tilted on an angle to let light in, even when closed.

Before you purchase shutters for your home, it is highly advisable that you take a step back and think carefully about which type would be best suited for your home. Think about your privacy and how much light you want to be able to enter the room. If in doubt, contact your local specialist shutter store and seek professional advice. It is also recommended that you seek a professional company to install your shutters, as it is quite a tricky task to hang the shutters correctly.

Thanks to Andy from Diamond Window Shutters Kent for providing us with this post. Andy is a home improvement expert and contributes to a number of blogs.

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