The Conservatory Flooring Grudge Match: Carpets Vs. Tiling

by Editor on April 26, 2013


Summer is definitely here! So keep your winter coats away (for now) and turn up your cooling system all the way up (especially if you live in the warmer part of the country).

If you want to do something fun without subject yourself to the unforgiving heat of the sun all the time, what you need is to revamp your conservatory.

Conservatories are a massively popular extension for homes, and are the perfect place to kick back, relax and soak up the sun but what’s the best way to go about decorating and kitting them out for the warmer weather? The classic battle between carpets and tiled flooring presents itself once more – seconds out, round one, ding ding! Let’s keep this fight clean, guys.

Round 1: Design

It’s round one and both competitors are playing on one of the most important aspects of flooring in a conservatory – the interior design, and the way it looks. Carpets try and play it big with the variety of colours and designs available, but tiled flooring is having none of it. A barrage of tile types, designs and layouts pummel carpets into submission within seconds and the crowd agree – tiles offer much more in terms of great looks and customisable design options.

Winner: Tiled Flooring

Round 2: Initial Cost

It’s round two, and the tiles are looking cocky off the back of their fantastic design victory back in the previous round, but carpets aren’t getting beat – they’re getting mad. Carpets swing a left and a right at tiles with cheap, basic carpeting options that can be really cost effective.

It looks like a sure fire win for carpets, until tiling hits back with better-quality low cost options. The cheapest carpets may cost less, but they will look cheap too, whereas the cheapest tiles can still be of a good quality. The crowd is torn!

Winner: It’s A Tie!

Round 3: Maintenance & Longevity

It’s a hot spring day and someone’s come in from the garden and walked dust and mud all over the conservatory floor – it’s a disaster, and it needs clearing up! Out comes the vacuum, the soapy sponge and cleaning products; after lots of elbow grease it looks ok, but not perfect. And behind the scenes, the gritty particles are gradually wearing away the carpet fibres and the strong sunlight causes the once-loved colour of the carpet to fade over time.

Tiles have this one in the bag and counter strongly with a quick once over with a mop and a longer lifespan – the crowd is going wild, loving the simplicity and lower cost of maintaining tiled floors compared with carpets!

Winner: Tiled Flooring

Round 4: Comfort

Ding ding! Round 4 – the final round. Carpets are staggering all over the place after their savage beating in the first three rounds but with comfort now on the cards, carpets’ confidence is boosted – they’re much warmer, softer and easier on the feet than tiles. Tiles are stunned, stumbling backwards under a barrage of left and right hooks, each more comfortable than the last.

But tiles strike back – underfloor heating is perhaps the best and most efficient way to heat your conservatory, and notoriously work better with tiles (especially natural stone tiles) than any other kind of surface. A flick of a switch and the tiles are just as warm and cosy as carpets can be, all while heating the room – round 4 ends on a steady draw! But it’s time for the judges to tally the scores…

Winner: It’s A Tie!


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Overall Winner: Tiled Flooring

With carpets barely able to stand, as well as sporting cauliflower ears and a bloody nose (that’ll be a nightmare to clean out, by the way), it’s a clear win for floor tiles!

With more design options, much easier maintenance and cleaning as well as better compatibility with modern underfloor heating systems, tiles are deservedly punching the air in victory! Or at least, it would be if it had hands. Or arms. How did this fight happen again? I need to lay off the coffee.

About the Author

This post was written by Tom McShane – an avid blogger by day, and conservatory aficionado in his spare time. Tom loves nothing more than spending his summer relaxing in his conservatory, and his floor tiles from Crown Tiles really help make the design of the room work.

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