The Best Ways To Clean Carpet

by Editor on May 30, 2013


If you are planning to clean your carpet, how you go about it depends entirely on how much you are prepared to pay.  Obviously, the more you pay, the better the job; however, you might not always need to pay out vast amounts of cash. Here are a few different methods you can try:

Using a Washcloth—This is the cheapest way to remove stains, and all you need is a little vinegar, water and a strong arm to scrub with. This process will remove most small stains; however, it isn’t really suitable for a whole carpet.

Dry Cleaning – No water is used in this process; instead, a chemical concoction is laid on the carpet and serves to loosen dirt and stains.  The chemical is left to work for a while and is then vacuumed up. Table salt can actually have the same results.  Dry cleaning is only for light stains, however, as it is not a deep cleaning method.

Use a Portable Upright Cleaner – These look just like an enlarged vacuum cleaner, and you can buy them in most DIY stores.  Simply put water and cleaning solution in and run it across your carpets as if you were vacuuming. More upscale models have brushes that stir up the carpet, helping to remove more dirt. If you want hot water cleaning, you will need to preheat the water first and then add it to the cleaner. Unfortunately, these are not strong enough to go very deep, but they will do a better job than vacuum cleaning alone.

Rent a Cleaner rather Than Buying One – These typically are more powerful than the ones you can buy and will heat water. They generate higher pressure to get the water and solution deeper into the carpet and have a stronger vacuum motor for suction.  If you can’t afford to hire a carpet cleaning company, this is the best method.

Hire the Professionals – This is the absolute best method for carpet cleaning. The machines are truck-mounted, generate very high pressure, and can heat water to higher temperatures.  They also have a larger storage capacity for waste water. Professional equipment uses a cleaning wand dragged across the carpet, and because their waste tanks hold around 100 gallons, they can do your entire house in one session.  High pressure vacuum motors allow all the water to be removed, speeding up drying time; however, although these machines produce the best results, they are also the most expensive, so should perhaps be used only once a year, with a combination of the other methods in between.

These are the most common and popular methods for cleaning your carpets.  If you want a professional job done, be prepared to pay for it. The good thing is that professional cleaning doesn’t need to be done regularly; you can use other methods to keep your costs down as well.  The best way is to determine exactly what your requirements are and use the most appropriate method.

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