The Best Lighting Type for each Room

by Admin on August 31, 2013

Weird light in our living roomAs with furniture or windows, there is no ‘one size fits all’ rule when it comes to lighting throughout the home. Certain rooms require sharper light to allow us to study and read, while other rooms of the house need only the gentlest and most soft light to provide us with an ample glow that won’t play too harshly on the senses. Read on to see why each room in the house requires a different type of lighting.


The hallway will be the first thing guests notice when they come round to visit and the first light you switch on when you return from a hard day’s work. The hall requires only basic illumination either via a soft ceiling lamp or a decorative lamp shade on a table by the door. Somewhere between a well-lit but not over-powering light source in the hallway is the way to go.

Living room

Since the living room is the most widely used room in the house, it can benefit from all types throughout different parts of the day. Thankfully, many corner lamps are cleverly designed with a touch feature, allowing you to alter the brightness setting at the touch of a finger. Whether you need sufficient light to read or require the dimmest setting while curling up with a film, an adjustable-light lamp saves you the hassle and money of multiple light sources.


A study or office workspace will benefit from a sharp bright light source. Desk lamps with an overhead, sharp illumination work very well. Anything dimmer than the light supplied by a typical desk lamp bulb is not recommended as it can eventually cause eye strain and headaches in the same way that relying on a PC monitor light in pitch black can take its toll.


It goes without saying that the kitchen (and work surfaces in particular) require practical and numerous sources of light. A combination of under hood lighting and ceiling illumination will help to increase the safety in the kitchen and avoid shadows. So be sure to have replacement bulbs at the ready for the oven hood or extractor fan.


Bedrooms can require a mix of soft and practical light. A great way to provide both without breaking the bank is with a pair of overhead lights and a bedside table lamp. Overhead wall-mounted lights can provide the sharp accuracy needed for reading while the soft hue of a bedside lamp light creates a more relaxing atmosphere.

If lighting can set the overall tone, let elegant patterns and styles set the right mood in the most personal room in the house. The French Bedroom Company is brimming with chic and graceful designs of french furniture, designed to promote bliss and relaxation while adding a touch of vintage class.

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