The Best Home Security Gadgets You Can Find On Amazon

by Editor on May 31, 2013

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The home security industry is seeing more growth than ever before. With the increase of occurrences of things like home break-ins and home invasions, homeowners and renters are having a heightened awareness of their responsibility to make their homes as secure as possible.

With that heightened awareness of homeowners, we are seeing more products popping up on the market to help fill this growing market and need. Stores like Walmart and Home Depot have begun selling more home security products, and we’re even seeing stores like Best Buy jumping on the bandwagon, offering electrical home security devices.

And of course, just like with any other market, you can find many useful products for home security on Amazon.

Here are the top 5 home security gadgets on Amazon:

5. Fake Security Cameras

If you really want to keep it simple, or if you are very limited on budget, you can purchase a “fake security camera” on Amazon. These fake security cameras look just like real security cameras. They even have the red flashing lights that we all know to look for to see if a surveillance camera is on and working. But these dummy cameras only look like real security cameras; they don’t actually work… and because of this they are much less expensive to purchase, and they don’t include the monitoring fees of a real security camera.

4. Door Stop Alarm

Again, if you are wanting to keep it simple, this is another product to look into. You may not have the funds at the moment to have a full-fledged home security system installed in your home. But you still want some form of alarm. If that is the case, you can purchase a door stop alarm. This alarm is a similar size and shape to a regular door stop. You put the wedge alarm in front of your door, and if your door is opened, the loud alarm will go off.

3. Motion Sensor Spotlights

A criminal’s best ally is his ability to hide and go unseen. So, you can purchase motion activated spotlights for the exterior of your home that will shine a bright spotlight if there is any motion within its range. Not only will this help to “shine the light” on any suspicious activity going on around your home, but it will also help to increase your safety as you are coming home at night.

2. Security Cameras with Microphones

If you’re wanting something more beneficial than that fakeout security cameras discussed in #1, then you can look into purchasing a security camera with a microphone built in. You can purchase home security cameras for the interior or exterior of your home that have microphones in them. Some of them even have two-way audio features so that you can speak to and hear anyone within range of the camera.

1. Deluxe Security Cameras

Want to take your home security camera’s features even a few steps further? Of course Amazon can help you with that. In fact, they have many different cameras with many different cool features, including things like night vision, remote monitoring support, online streaming, mobile alerts, and more.

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