The Benefits Of A Mezzanine Floor Over Home Expansion

by Editor on May 3, 2013


At some point in our lives, many of us will want and need to expand our homes. This may be due to various things such as a growing family or for property value reasons, as you want to one day sell your home at a better price. Most of the time, a home improvement means a lot of construction, which can not only add up to a very expensive endeavour, but that can disrupt the entire family. If construction is significant enough, you and your family may even need to possibly move out of your home which can be a major inconvenience. If all of these elements have put you off expanding, do not worry as there is a viable alternative; incorporation of a mezzanine floor or floors into your home to create that much needed space.

The benefits of mezzanine floor design

There are many value added benefits that we are going to discuss in this informative and interesting article. After gathering knowledge on a mezzanine floor and its advantages, you may evaluate it as a viable option for creating space in your home.


The costs surrounding a mezzanine floor can be very advantageous when compared to major construction. A total refurbishment of your home can be very expensive from the materials to commissioning a builder. Installation of a mezzanine floor can be surprisingly affordable, with the materials easy to find if wanting to do it yourself. There are many professional companies that will come to your home and quote you on the space where you would like the mezzanine installed and what materials would work best. It really does save a whole lot of hassle.

Easy installation

Apart from the low costs associated with the construction of a mezzanine floor, it is relatively straight forward, easy and will take a much shorter time to build than a home expansion. The installation of a relatively simple mezzanine floor can take up to only one day to complete ranging from company to company. The more extensive mezzanine floor take a few days longer, but a considerably shorter amount of the time then expanding your home with construction.

Creation of space through innovative designs

When creating more space in your home, there are only certain things you can do. When choosing to incorporate a mezzanine floor or floors in your home, there are many innovative design ideas and new areas that can be created. Depending on the dimensions of your home and the height of the ceilings, an entire room can be created in the space that the mezzanine floor will introduce. This is perfect for children’s or even a guest room.

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