The Beauty Of Teak

by Editor on May 9, 2013

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While many woods used outdoors may only last for a few years teak can last over 70. Teak has now been used for many years to make outdoor furniture and marine equipment. Its natural resistance to the elements make it the number one choice for outdoor furniture makers and marine enthusiasts the world over.

Teak is also somewhat of a status symbol with the rarity and expense of the wood adding to its allure. There are a variety of different furniture types which can be made from teak wood. They include:

Teak tables and chairs

Teak tables are exceptionally popular, especially outdoors. They can be used in a variety of situations and cope especially well in marine environments where they are not only subjected to the rays of the sun but are also subject to heavy rain and the damaging salty sea spray.

The natural beauty of teak also adds to the allure of a teak table and because the wood is so durable it can be left untreated in just about any climate year round.

Steamers and sunloungers

Teak sunloungers are most definitely a status symbol. They are used on all the most exclusive cruise ships and around pools in some of the high-class Mediterranean resorts. While only a few years ago the sunlounger was seen as a shoddy plastic piece of furniture which was produced in its thousands for package holidaymakers, a teak sunlounger is something altogether different.

Teak umbrellas

Teak is a popular material for sun umbrellas or market umbrellas. The natural teak product is strong and sturdy while the teak itself has remarkable weathering characteristics so provides unrivalled durability. It’s also got an inherent beauty which plastic or steel find difficult to match.


Teak decking is a luxury item which only very few can afford. It’s commonly used as a flooring material on yachts or luxury cruisers and can accentuate the look of the vessel whilst also being extremely durable. There’s nothing like a new teak deck on a vessel to speak of opulence and luxury, whilst also being extremely practical.

Teak patio furniture

Teak is becoming a popular material for patio furniture and orangery furniture. Its attractive natural shades combined with its opulence and beauty stand it in good stead to be the discerning person’s number one choice when they are dining outdoors or sitting and relaxing in their sun room or garden room.

Some of the benefits of choosing teak over other materials include it’s resistance to the sun’s rays so unlike plastic products it won’t break down. It is also less prone to damage from the elements like many other types of wood and won’t bend or break like some steel tubular tables or chairs.

Due to its unique natural characteristics teak does not need to be protected. It can simply be left to age and will still be virtually maintenance free. If this happens it will turn a silvery-grey colour which will not affect the structure or the strength of the wood in any way.

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Gary Trent had his new marine table constructed by Teak Decking. They provided a complete solution including marking out and installation.

photo by: vinzcha

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