The 5 Biggest Ever Home Projects

by Admin on August 31, 2013

Detail of Damp Proof Coursing - Strawbale House Build in Redmond Western AustraliaWhether we’re technically adept or inept, we will each take on at least one of the following DIY projects over the course of our lives. The big renovation and remodelling jobs take all the strength and patience we have and require weeks and even months of hard work. But the ends really do justify the means, so despite the inevitable blisters, splinters and back pain, it’s worth it just to step back and marvel at your own handy work, satisfied in a job well done.

Knocking down walls

Whether you knock through a small portion of a wall to create an extra entrance or remove a full wall to create one large living space, removing the walls in your house can be a tricky but worthwhile endeavour. It comes in handy if you’re looking to improve a small room in the house or simply add value by taking the time to convert a small but focal area of the home. The end result can be utterly transforming to your home – just be sure to consult a how-to guide first.

Paint stripping

Stripping the house of old wallpaper or paint from top to bottom is one of the biggest changes you can make to the home. Removing each layer removes a layer of history, allowing you to start a fresh and make of your own four walls what you will.

 Converting a room

Taking on the challenge of converting a spare room or basement from scratch can be daunting prospect but with proper planning, it can also be enjoyable and therapeutic. Transforming any living space from a room of one function to an entirely different one (such as a bedroom to an office/study) requires a great deal of upheaval and thought. You can plan out where the furniture will go, choose the design of carpet or flooring and fit shelves. For 2-3 months, the room is your oyster!


Plastering is an important and practical art that just about anyone can master. It can be used to repair the small everyday jobs in the home such as unsightly cracks and marks in the walls and ceiling but it can also be relied upon to full the big gaps and patching up entire walls in the house to make them useful once more.


Whether it’s crafting a large book case or building a set of table and chairs, sourcing the tools and supplies to perform woodwork by hand is one of the most rewarding DIY jobs there is, and since wood is so durable, it makes every project a worthwhile one that the family will take great joy from for generations.

The next time you take it upon yourself to tackle a home project, ensure you have the right tools for the job. Browse through Anglia Tool Centre – an online catalogue for every possible home improvement need. Your toolkit needn’t ever be short of the essentials again.

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